With the focus on you, your lifestyle and your needs, the 3 Month Tailor-Made Programme allows patients to formulate a plan directly with Maryon Stewart herself.

Patients will have an initial consultation and then two follow-up consultations with Maryon Stewart at approximately monthly intervals, allowing her to truly understand your body, tastes and budget and create a plan accordingly.

Devised by Maryon Stewart and her team at the Women’s Nutritional Advisory Service over 25 years ago, the 3 month Tailored-Made Programme has had a huge success rate. Studies of many large groups of women showed that between 90-95% of them with PMS and 91%  of women with menopause symptoms were symptom-free within four to six months.  

With follow-up sessions and direct consultations, the programme has proved to help women, particularly those with moderate to severe symptoms, stick to their regime thus maximising the benefit.

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Follow these 6 steps to becoming symptom-free:

  • Complete the most appropriate questionnaire for your life stage and symptoms as well as the diet diary for 3 - 7 days . (Click here to download questionnaires.)

  • Return the forms well in advance of your first booked appointment in order for Maryon to write your specialised programme.

  • After your initial consultation, your programme will be written up and e-mailed directly to you. You will also receive a diet diary and symptom chart to complete daily, along with a follow-up form to be completed after your second consultation. 

  • Your first consultation will consist of two parts: questions based on your form and recommendations to suit your personal needs, tastes and budgets.

  • Your second consultation will take place usually a month later. This will last half an hour, during which Maryon will review your progress and make adjustments and amendments to the programme as necessary, which will also be e-mailed to you.

  • The final consultation will take place in the final month where you can see your progress and understand where further changes.

Once the above is achieved, you have the option to receive a maintenance programme for a few months prior to being left to manage on a longer term plan.

You then have the option to have an Annual Health Check or you can choose to manage yourself, until you feel you need further help.

Maryon Stewart and her team are always on hand to answer any questions, or help with any concerns you may have throughout your programme.

Maryon Stewart also offers weekly coaching for an initial period of time with a limited number of individuals who prefer a more hands on approach or who need a greater degree of support at the outset.