Why Does It Feel Like My Partner Has PMS All Time?

By 2018-03-15Blog

This week I want to take the chance to address all the men who read my blog and explain why it might feel that your wife or partner has PMS all the times as she enters the menopause.  

Being supportive

It might feel that as your wife or partner enters the menopause that you cannot do anything right, or if you mention anything it might seem as if you are accusing her of having symptoms.  I think it is important you understand what is going on in her body and how to offer her comfort and support.

Here’s my advice to you men:

It is important to be there for her and open up the conversation about menopause.  It is so much easier to get through menopause when you have a helpful and understanding partner.

Its only temporary

It is important to remember that the menopause is a hormone transition and it is temporary. I have run a programme for years that helps women overcome their symptoms within five months. Even on my six-week boot camp, I am noticing after four or five weeks women are much better.  Also, they are beginning to improve their relationships with their partners again.

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