What Is Menopause? What Men Need To Know

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What Is Menopause? What Men Need To Know - Maryon Stewart what is menopause? what men need to know What Is Menopause? What Men Need To Know 3 862x485

In this blog, I’m focusing on information for men – explaining what the menopause is and what is going on in a woman’s body. The symptoms that occur at the time of the menopause can be confusing and often have women think they are going crazy. Women sometimes get hot flushes, night sweats as well as panic attacks and palpitations. Many begin to question themselves and find themselves with low self-esteem, gain weight, feel achy, have trouble sleeping, suffer from headaches and terrible mood swings. During the menopause, a woman’s nutrient levels become low, which stops the brain functioning normally.  If the brain isn’t well nourished it will not work properly, cannot send the right messages and therefore hormones do not function as well as they should.Additionally, Oestrogen levels in the body start to fall at the time of menopause. When a woman is younger Oestrogen circulates around her body but … Read More