How to deal with the physical symptoms of menopause

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Going through menopause you will experience different types of symptoms and I like to break down menopausal symptoms into two categories: Whenever people think of menopause they associate it with the hot flushes and night sweats. But there’s much more to it then a hot flush and what amazes me is sometimes we don’t even know these changes are related to the menopause. In this week’s ‘Weekly Wisdom’ I’m focusing on the physical symptoms of menopause. Here are just a few of the physical symptoms women can experience during the menopause: Join me next time when I’m going to be talking more about the mental symptoms of menopause. If you would like to find out more about what’s going on in your body as you hit the menopause feel free to join my free menopause Virtual Class. I will be explaining the changes that occur and how to overcome your symptoms … Read More

Let’s talk positively about menopause on World Menopause Day

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Let's talk positively about menopause on World Menopause Day let's talk positively about menopause on world menopause day Let’s talk positively about menopause on World Menopause Day Maryon Thumbnail 862x485

This is in addition to research from The National Center for Health Statistics (NCHS), which found that over 56% of perimenopausal women are getting less than seven hours of sleep a night, and are at high risk of heart attack. What’s more, the changes in hormone levels during menopause said to be a double threat to our hearts, because menopause increases the amount of plaque build-up in the arteries, increasing blood pressure and the risk of a stroke. Meanwhile, 80% of women experience menopausal symptoms, including the physical – hot flushes, insomnia and weight gain, and the psychological and emotional, including mood changes, depression and anxiety. These revelations, coupled with the apparent positive news that HRT won’t kill you and merely increases your chances of getting cancer or having a stroke, is not how we best prepare 14 million women a year for entering what is just a natural phase of … Read More

Why being overweight makes menopause harder

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This week’s ‘Weekly Wisdom’ is about whether or not being overweight makes menopause harder. And the answer is, YES, sadly, being overweight will only make your menopause harder than it should be. Research shows that if you are overweight as you go into menopause, you’re more likely to have more hot flushes, more night sweats, more urinary symptoms and more aches and pains. Given that in the UK, more than half of all women are overweight, then it follows that many will also find menopause difficult. I find that on my programme, when we get nutrients back into an optimum range, it has a normalising effect on the metabolism, and in fact, can not only result in improved menopause symptoms, but also stress free weight loss, so it’s really important to make sure you’re filling up on really good nutrients, having a wholesome diet and really focusing on looking after … Read More

Hot Flash Newsletter by Maryon Stewart: Week 5

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Carol Smillie has been in the news this week talking about her menopause, in particular about gaining weight around the middle and discovering more wrinkles. I know that this is something that so many of you are struggling to overcome. Not looking how we used to can be very stressful. So, I have made a short Facebook video and written a blog this week giving you some advice on how you can make changes and reverse these symptoms and feel better than ever. Travelling is usually stressful and hot flushes get worse when we are rushing and stressing. It’s hard enough for most women coping with menopause symptoms during the winter, but warm weather and summer holidays can turn what would normally be an enjoyable holiday into a nightmare. For the sake of your sanity it’s worth taking time to reflect on how you might look after yourself and adhere … Read More

Why we get fat and wrinkly at menopause

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Carole Smillie has been in the news revealing how menopause has caused her to thicken around her middle and the skin on her chest to go wrinkly. She’s not the only one to struggle with the awful transformations that can occur at this life stage, but I’m sure she would be interested to know what underlies these changes in her body and how she can get back her waistline as well as decrease the depth of her wrinkles. Two key changes are happening in our body at the time of the menopause.  The level of the hormone oestrogen, which gives us our feminine characteristics, is falling as the ovaries stop functioning.   In addition, levels of important nutrients necessary for normal brain chemistry and hormone function are at an all-time low, making it hard for our immune system to serve us well. Plus, as our metabolic rate slows down, that’s the rate … Read More

Menopause Madness Quantified

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I always associated Spanish style fans with menopause as I remember my grandmother and her sisters’ fanning themselves in an attempt to keep their cool. Some years later my mother found herself a battery-operated fan which she carried around in her handbag and vowed to never leave home without it. If my thoughts had pondered on the cost of menopause at that time I would have assumed it was the price of a fan, which we can find online these days for about £5.95. Time has told me a different story but it wasn’t until yesterday that I began to understand the real cost of menopause.  The truth is menopause is costing us a fortune but the significant cost of it is going under the radar.   It seems we constantly shell out money to comfort ourselves during this often-traumatic life stage. If you find yourself guzzling the chocolate you crave, … Read More

Hot Flash Newsletter by Maryon Stewart: Week 3

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It’s been a busy week, running around preparing new materials for you which I will be using over the next few months. The team and I have been working hard producing new films, presentations and new courses which I will talk about more in the coming weeks, here in the newsletter and in our exclusive Facebook group.Thank you for your feedback and questions following the first two newsletters. I have received many questions from you this week regarding anxiety about going on holiday. I know that it can be a difficult time, especially worrying about your body and how it’s not how it used to look. Being positive can really help – take a look at my blog from earlier last month for some advice. Please keep the questions coming. In the UK recently, there was a lot of talk in the media following Nadia Sawalha’s (an actress) confession about … Read More

Healthy Fast Food | Weight Loss Without Dieting

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Healthy Fast Food | Weight Loss Without Dieting - Maryon Stewart healthy fast food | weight loss without dieting Healthy Fast Food | Weight Loss Without Dieting 17

When we talk about living on a fast food diet most of us automatically think of America and their menus of shakes, fries and hamburgers. Understandably the US has been blamed by many researchers for setting the trend in the rise of obesity and overweight issues as a result. However, a new study reveals that America is not the country that currently has the highest fast food consumption. Believe it or not, Britons have begun out guzzling their American counterparts when it comes to fast food. According to the latest Synovate study, Brits are the keenest fast food consumers in the world, closely followed by Americans. When British and American respondents were asked to identify with the statement, “I like the taste of fast food too much to give it up”, 45% of the British agreed, compared to 44% of Americans. Healthy options offered by burger and pizza chains are … Read More

Perimenopause Can Leave You Feeling Sexy and Wise

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Perimenopause Can Leave You Feeling Sexy and Wise - Maryon Stewart perimenopause Perimenopause Can Leave You Feeling Sexy and Wise 12

There are times in our life that stop us in our tracks.  Experiences that are forever imprinted on our minds.  Some of them are due to joyful moments and others because of sad and tragic times.  Today was one of those days for me and I wanted to share it with you in the hope that you will feel inspired. I’ve had bereaved families in Manchester on my mind this week, especially as I lost my youngest daughter tragically and unexpectedly.  I know only too well the devastation and shock those parents are experiencing and the fact that their recent experience will change the course of their lives.  It takes longer than forever to come to terms with these needless losses but I came to realise that, as unlikely as it seemed in the beginning, it is possible to still experience joy. When I’m in Florida I love to attend … Read More