The Real Truth about Menopause

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The Real Truth about Menopause the real truth about menopause The Real Truth about Menopause 10

Feeling like you are losing your memory at midlife can be very scary, especially if women believe it’s a permanent situation. According to the recent survey of over 1100 women ‘Changing the Conversation about Menopause’, 96% of women said they were underprepared for menopause and over 2/3rds said they were shocked by their menopause symptoms, often feeling isolated and afraid of what the future holds for them. We would, therefore, have hoped that the BBC Programme broadcast on BBC last night, the ‘Truth About Menopause’ would provide comprehensive answers.  But Mariella Frostrup, the presenter who claims ‘HRT gave me my life back and opened my eyes’ presented only a fraction of the real truth about menopause, with a biased view on HRT, making it sound almost safe.  It was good that the programme featured ‘natural’ help in the form of diet, exercise, supplements which when used in the right combination can … Read More