There’s No Need To Live In Hormone Hell!

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There's No Need To Live In Hormone Hell! - Maryon Stewart there's no need to live in hormone hell! There’s No Need To Live In Hormone Hell! cartoons

I was asked this week to describe the typical woman that I specialise in helping. It actually stopped me in my tracks as I have never been asked this question before during my 30 year career.  Whilst I acknowledge each woman’s suffering, I usually place my focus firmly on the solution to help overcome their symptoms, rather than dwelling the horror of each individual situation.  When I really started thinking about the answer it hit me like a ton of bricks that millions of women are in a really bad place, often for much of their adult life.  And both the medical profession and the media practically ignore the fact, or at best glosses over it.  To say the very least it was a sobering exercise that left me feeling a mixture of emotions ranging from anger, disbelief, frustration and devastation. My audience is made up of mostly women.  To … Read More