How to talk to your Boss

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This was first published in the Daily Mail. Co-authored by Deborah Garlick founder of Henpicked As half the UK workforce is female, and 3.5 million of these women are aged 50 and over, it has become increasingly clear that employers need to pay more attention to occupational health issues for women. However, menopause is still often seen as taboo, which can mean there is a lack of support for women who find that menopausal symptoms are affecting them at work. Let’s face it, there may be an awkwardness, embarrassment and the fear you won’t be taken seriously. It can be hard enough talking to a GP about your symptoms or even friends and family. Many women find it particularly hard to talk to a line manager who is male, or younger than them, as they feel they won’t understand enough about menopause. First, take a deep breath and remind yourself … Read More