Short Cut to Controlling Hot Flushes

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Hot flushes, and night sweats, experienced at the time of menopause can be overwhelming, especially when the weather heats up. Women report that during the day in summer time, it’s difficult to cool down between flushes, and the short bursts of sleep they do get are interspersed by thermal surges during the night, leaving them feeling anxious, exhausted and foggy headed by morning. There are many tools, acknowledged through research, designed to address the thermal issues and calm anxiety, but most of them take time to kick in. Whether your choice to journey through menopause includes HRT, or adding hormone influencing foods and supplements to your regime, to fool the brain into thinking that normal hormone levels are circulating, it’s likely that it will be awhile before the results are apparent. Research does show that we can reduce flushes by up to 60 percent by doing a formal session of … Read More