Why being overweight makes menopause harder

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This week’s ‘Weekly Wisdom’ is about whether or not being overweight makes menopause harder. And the answer is, YES, sadly, being overweight will only make your menopause harder than it should be. Research shows that if you are overweight as you go into menopause, you’re more likely to have more hot flushes, more night sweats, more urinary symptoms and more aches and pains. Given that in the UK, more than half of all women are overweight, then it follows that many will also find menopause difficult. I find that on my programme, when we get nutrients back into an optimum range, it has a normalising effect on the metabolism, and in fact, can not only result in improved menopause symptoms, but also stress free weight loss, so it’s really important to make sure you’re filling up on really good nutrients, having a wholesome diet and really focusing on looking after … Read More

Alcohol and obesity

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More reasons to keep alcohol to a minimum The adverse effects of excessive alcohol consumption on postmenopausal women is in the news this week. A study published in Menopause, the journal of The North American Menopause Society (NAMS) on over 2000 post-menopausal Korean women showed that drinking alcohol increased loss of muscle mass and strength which affects balance and agility. The women with a high alcohol consumption were four times more likely to develop these problems. Dr JoAnn Pinkerton, executive director of NAMS says “With this study suggesting that more muscle loss leads to sarcopenia (the loss of muscle mass and strength) and other studies suggesting that even one drink of alcohol may increase the risk of breast cancer, postmenopausal women should limit their alcohol intake.” The study suggests that these findings might be a cause for taking hormone therapy to boost oestrogen levels, but they overlook the fact that … Read More

Healthy Fast Food | Weight Loss Without Dieting

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Healthy Fast Food | Weight Loss Without Dieting - Maryon Stewart healthy fast food | weight loss without dieting Healthy Fast Food | Weight Loss Without Dieting 17

When we talk about living on a fast food diet most of us automatically think of America and their menus of shakes, fries and hamburgers. Understandably the US has been blamed by many researchers for setting the trend in the rise of obesity and overweight issues as a result. However, a new study reveals that America is not the country that currently has the highest fast food consumption. Believe it or not, Britons have begun out guzzling their American counterparts when it comes to fast food. According to the latest Synovate study, Brits are the keenest fast food consumers in the world, closely followed by Americans. When British and American respondents were asked to identify with the statement, “I like the taste of fast food too much to give it up”, 45% of the British agreed, compared to 44% of Americans. Healthy options offered by burger and pizza chains are … Read More