Feeling Moody At Menopause

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During the menopause, we experience many changes, and one of the biggest differences we notice are overwhelming mood swings. According to a recent survey 90% percent of women suffer with mood swings as they go through menopause.  Women who experienced mood swings premenstrually, are likely to feel like they have PMS all the time as they approach menopause.  Mood swings can make us argumentative, depressed and anxious, and they can happen at the drop of a hat. For many, these changes are terrifying, even embarrassing, making us say things we later regret, damaging our relationships. Despite the fact that menopause is a transition, it doesn’t mean this is how life has to be from here on. A lot of women struggle with mood swings during the menopause, but with the right information, come to understand the underlying causes and learn how to overcome the symptoms, making their good mood a … Read More