Menopause Madness Quantified

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I always associated Spanish style fans with menopause as I remember my grandmother and her sisters’ fanning themselves in an attempt to keep their cool. Some years later my mother found herself a battery-operated fan which she carried around in her handbag and vowed to never leave home without it. If my thoughts had pondered on the cost of menopause at that time I would have assumed it was the price of a fan, which we can find online these days for about £5.95. Time has told me a different story but it wasn’t until yesterday that I began to understand the real cost of menopause.  The truth is menopause is costing us a fortune but the significant cost of it is going under the radar.   It seems we constantly shell out money to comfort ourselves during this often-traumatic life stage. If you find yourself guzzling the chocolate you crave, … Read More