What Is Menopause? What Men Need To Know

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In this blog, I’m focusing on information for men – explaining what the menopause is and what is going on in a woman’s body. The symptoms that occur at the time of the menopause can be confusing and often have women think they are going crazy. Women sometimes get hot flushes, night sweats as well as panic attacks and palpitations. Many begin to question themselves and find themselves with low self-esteem, gain weight, feel achy, have trouble sleeping, suffer from headaches and terrible mood swings. During the menopause, a woman’s nutrient levels become low, which stops the brain functioning normally.  If the brain isn’t well nourished it will not work properly, cannot send the right messages and therefore hormones do not function as well as they should.Additionally, Oestrogen levels in the body start to fall at the time of menopause. When a woman is younger Oestrogen circulates around her body but … Read More

5 Ways To Support Your Woman During Menopause

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This week on the blog I want to address the men in your life again. We all know menopause. It’s a very confusing time for women because many of them are lacking sleep thanks to night sweats keeping them up in the night and they’re feeling troubled because they may be panicking, having palpitations and hot flushes during the day. Menopause is a big challenge for women, and rather than you alienating yourself from them, you need to jump in with both feet so that you can support them and get through this together. Here’s how to do it Let your partner know that you support her, that you’re in this together and that you understand she’s going through a transition and that you are there for her to lean on. Menopause and weight gain tend to go hand in hand, thanks to a combination of factors including decreased estrogen, … Read More

Men on Pause

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When I told my husband “I turned down five men today”, he looked at me sideways.  At first he thought I was joking, but it was true.  And my dirty little secret is that it’s not the first time; it happens almost every day! Since opening the doors of my new Facebook Group less than three months ago, inviting women to journey with me to make their Midlife Switch, I have not only attracted over 5000 female members, but it has sparked interest amongst men.  Whilst the women are struggling with the nightmarish symptoms of peri-menopause and menopause, believing they have been possessed by an alien, their husbands and partners are understandably feeling bewildered by the challenging behaviour and lack of spark.  Sex drive is one of the first things to leave the building during menopause because women default to what I call ‘Economy Mode’ due to low levels of … Read More