Megan Markle going through a change

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Megan Markle going through a change. Having a meltdown because other people shun you at menopause or treat you as if you are invisible? Why even the Deputy Governor at the Bank of England, Ben Broadbent, took a swing at menopause this week, when he said the economy was going through menopause. Why is it that other humans can’t be respectful and praise us for who we are and what we have to offer the world, rather than looking for ways they can better themselves at the expense of others? My heart goes out to Megan Markle in the days leading up to her wedding to Prince Harry. Whilst she may not be having hot flushes for hormonal reasons, she understands only too well about getting hot around the collar, and how hurtful the behaviour of others can be. But for all the noise and embarrassment her family are heaping … Read More