International Women’s Day – Supporting Women In The Workplace

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International Women's Day - Supporting Women In The Workplace international women's day - supporting women in the workplace International Women’s Day – Supporting Women In The Workplace 17 16

Today is International Women’s Day, an event that commemorates the movement for women’s rights.  In my latest ‘Weekly Wisdom’ I want to talk about menopause in the workplace. In my Real Cost of Menopause survey, I found that 84% of the women interviewed, equal to about 8 million working women in the UK, believe their productivity at work is reduced because of their menopause symptoms.  75% feel that their productivity is reduced for over a week every month, which equates to a loss of 280 million work days per year. Yet, only 20% admitted to taking time off to deal with their symptoms. This means that day after day, millions of women are working through tension headaches, fatigue, depression, foggy memory, mood swings, and many other menopause symptoms without saying a word. In the past, menopause was not on the corporate agenda, now more companies are implementing menopause policies. I am … Read More

Middle Sizzle: How to Get Your Mojo Back on Track!

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How to Get Your Mojo Back on Track! - Maryon Stewart how to get your mojo back on track! Middle Sizzle: How to Get Your Mojo Back on Track! Copy of Copy of Copy of As seen in 862x426

On Valentine’s Day… For some of us instead of visions of kisses, cuddles and hugs, we find ourselves cringing at the thought of just being touched. Does that sound familiar? In my recent survey on Women’s Attitudes at Menopause, a large portion of the women sampled were not even talking to their best friend about what’s going on below the waist. More than half of the women complained of vaginal dryness and half stated that they were unable to achieve an orgasim during sexual intercourse. Those who engaged in sex often found it uncomfortable and at times painful only making the effort to please their partner aka “mercy sex”. If this sounds like your situation, the good news is that you can take action to get your mojo back on track. Did you know that having sex regularly helps clear your brain, keeps your metabolic rate up – burning calories … Read More

4 Ways To Deal With Dry Skin During Menopause

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4 Ways To Deal With Dry Skin During Menopause - Maryon Stewart 4 ways to deal with dry skin during menopause 4 Ways To Deal With Dry Skin During Menopause 15 862x485

Today I’m focusing on giving you advice on managing dry skin during the menopause. Skin gets dry during the menopause because nutrients and oestrogen levels are falling. As your oestrogen levels fall so does your collagen, which is responsible for holding everything in place. When collagen levels fall you may start to see wrinkles, saggy bits and dryness. This can be difficult to combat if you are not using quality products. To find out my top four ways for combatting dry skin during menopause watch the video below. Here are my top four tips for combatting dry skin. If you would like to find out more about what is going on in your body as you go through the menopause,  join me at my next FREE Virtual Class Stay informed about the latest innovations and technology for treating menopause symptoms. Learn tips and tricks on keeping your own symptoms at … Read More

New Year New You: Make the Menopause Journey – Part 4 Putting It All Together

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New Year New You: Make the Menopause Journey - Part 4 Putting It All Together new year new you: make the menopause journey - part 4 putting it all together New Year New You: Make the Menopause Journey – Part 4 Putting It All Together opentitle week 4 1 862x485

Now that you have chosen the natural menopause path,  be it self-help or a guided approach, you still may fall into old habits that can impede your process along the way. But don’t worry, this is normal – think of the process as creating new habits to replace old ones which will help future-proof your health for the years to come. Over the years I have heard from a substantial number of women before starting my programme that they have tried everything and nothing ever works. In most cases, they have tried a supplement or made a dietary change for a month or less and expecting some incredible results. I can guarantee if you do not give yourself adequate time or if you cherry pick (in most cases tweaking your diet or taking a random supplement), you will never achieve the results you so desperately want.  If you had, you … Read More

New Year New You – How to Start Your Journey Through Menopause

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How to Start Your Journey Through Menopause - Maryon Stewart how to start your journey through menopause New Year New You – How to Start Your Journey Through Menopause blog image 862x485

Once you have made the decision to manage your menopause symptoms using the natural approach, the next hurdle is how do you go about doing that. I hear this all the time from members in my Facebook Group – Making the Midlife Switch. The tendency is for women to advise one another, often giving random conflicting advice which isn’t science based, resulting in frustration and desperation with no end in sight. This week I’m focusing on choosing supplements that are likely to help you overcome your menopause symptoms. For finding the right supplements for your symptom set is key to a successful recovery journey. However, making choices about which supplements to take isn’t as simple as it seems. Research shows that many of the beautifully packaged supplements you see in the stores often do not work as they promise, and in some instances, these supplements don’t contain what they say … Read More

Choosing your Menopause Journey – New Year, New You

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Choosing your Menopause Journey - New Year, New You choosing your menopause journey - new year, new you Choosing your Menopause Journey – New Year, New You newyear2 862x485

Many women think that the menopause will just happen and it will be over in a relatively short amount of time, but for the majority of women that’s just wishful thinking.  You need to carefully consider your personal journey through menopause as there are options. And, remember to treat yourself as a priority as it isn’t something that comes naturally to most of us.  We are used to doing things for everyone else first! Unfortunately, menopause symptoms are not likely to magically disappear without help. Research shows they can last up to 10 years after menopause, in addition to perimenopause, those 5 years leading up to menopause when hormone levels are changing. The good news is once you understand what is going on in your body, you can make adjustments that will significantly reduce your symptoms. In addition, these changes will allow you to reclaim your wellbeing from menopause and … Read More

Say No to Menopause – New Year, New You

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Say No to Menopause - New Year, New You - Maryon Stewart menopause Say No to Menopause – New Year, New You part1 blog 862x485

Wouldn’t you love to turn back your biological clock at midlife and reclaim your wellbeing? Menopause shouldn’t feel like the end of life as you knew it but, if you learn how to meet the needs of your body, it can be the beginning of a wonderful new chapter in your life.  You might be feeling sceptical right now, but hear me out as it’s possible to overcome even the most severe menopause symptoms, without having to resort to drugs or even hormones, and as a result feel better than you can remember. You are not alone. So many women are sick of feeling overwhelmed by their menopause symptoms. According to my latest survey 96% of women don’t feel prepared for menopause and over two-thirds feel shocked by their menopause symptoms. Under 12% of the women are asking their doctor for help with their menopause and over 71% are desperately … Read More

Sabrina Successfully Gets Her Sexy Back

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In a series of surveys of thousands of women my team and I conducted over the past year, we established that 79% report experiencing difficulty having an orgasm and over two-thirds of the women were suffering with vaginal dryness. No surprising that sex isn’t in the forefront of their minds, as it often really hurts. I have worked with thousands of women who suffer from vaginal dryness over the years, most of whom were unable to have sexual intercourse any longer with their partners when we first met and I’m here to tell you that it doesn’t have to be that way, instead we can put comfortable sex back on the menu. Why is it that then that so many women suffer in silence and have no clue that they can rejuvenate their tissues naturally, getting back to feeling switched on below the waist. Let’s look at what’s going on … Read More

What are you giving yourself for Christmas?

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Menopause symptoms - Maryon Stewart what are you giving yourself for christmas? What are you giving yourself for Christmas? Summer series 1 862x485

Hot flushes? Bloating? Cravings? Anxiety? Night sweats? Sound familiar? These are just some of the many symptoms of menopause that I have been helping women naturally overcome for the past 27 years. During the holiday season, the last thing you want to be feeling is like a shadow of your former self. You want to be enjoying Christmas with your loved ones feeling your best.  This is why I developed my 14 Day Menopause Empowerment Programme to give you the best self help tools based on published medical research. This 14 Day Programme will allow you to kick start taking control of your life. So, instead of spending hours researching online trying to find what may or may not work and wasting your money – I’ve put the information all together so you can follow it and start overcoming your symptoms. Normally the charge for this is £149, but we’ve … Read More

The Real Truth about Menopause

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The Real Truth about Menopause the real truth about menopause The Real Truth about Menopause 10

Feeling like you are losing your memory at midlife can be very scary, especially if women believe it’s a permanent situation. According to the recent survey of over 1100 women ‘Changing the Conversation about Menopause’, 96% of women said they were underprepared for menopause and over 2/3rds said they were shocked by their menopause symptoms, often feeling isolated and afraid of what the future holds for them. We would, therefore, have hoped that the BBC Programme broadcast on BBC last night, the ‘Truth About Menopause’ would provide comprehensive answers.  But Mariella Frostrup, the presenter who claims ‘HRT gave me my life back and opened my eyes’ presented only a fraction of the real truth about menopause, with a biased view on HRT, making it sound almost safe.  It was good that the programme featured ‘natural’ help in the form of diet, exercise, supplements which when used in the right combination can … Read More