Say No to Menopause – New Year, New You

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Wouldn’t you love to turn back your biological clock at midlife and reclaim your wellbeing? Menopause shouldn’t feel like the end of life as you knew it but, if you learn how to meet the needs of your body, it can be the beginning of a wonderful new chapter in your life.  You might be feeling sceptical right now, but hear me out as it’s possible to overcome even the most severe menopause symptoms, without having to resort to drugs or even hormones, and as a result feel better than you can remember. You are not alone. So many women are sick of feeling overwhelmed by their menopause symptoms. According to my latest survey 96% of women don’t feel prepared for menopause and over two-thirds feel shocked by their menopause symptoms. Under 12% of the women are asking their doctor for help with their menopause and over 71% are desperately … Read More

Psssst … can you help me with my vaginal dryness

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A massive 91% of the women in my new survey feel their relationships are strained by their menopause. For the 76% suffering with vaginal dryness, 64% experience pain on intercourse and 79% are experiencing difficulty having an orgasm. Plus, a whopping 93% said they experienced a loss of libido at this life stage.  Those figures don’t bode well for happy and fulfilled relationships. And, my survey of men found that 82% felt rejected, saddened or bewildered by the change. Other symptoms of vaginal dryness include frequently needing to pee, narrowing or shortness of the vagina, vaginal irritation, painful sex, reduced sex drive, repeated urinary tract infections (UTI). It can be a very difficult, isolating time for many women. In a recent survey 58% of women admitted finding it very difficult to have conversations with their husbands or partner about menopause as they don’t know where to start and are often … Read More