Reclaiming Your Brain at Menopause

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Feeling like you are losing your memory at midlife can be very scary, especially if you think it’s a permanent situation. Many women secretly wonder if these ‘senior moments’ are the beginning of dementia and are truly frightened, but in actuality it’s one of the most common symptoms associated with menopause. If you forget what you are saying mid-sentence or can’t remember what you went into a room for you will be pleased to know that research now shows that our brain has the ability to grown new brain cells and even increase in size all throughout our lives, improving cognitive function and memory. This is great news for those of us who have reached midlife and are starting to think that our brains are fading along with our memory. In addition to making our diet more nutrient dense and including foods that contain Mother Nature’s oestrogen, various forms of … Read More

Achy joints can be a pain

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Achy Joints Can Be A Pain - Maryon Stewart achy joints can be a pain Achy joints can be a pain Summer series 1 862x485

In this Weekly Wisdom I am focusing on achy joints at menopause because so many of you have been asking about it and how you can find relief. These pains can have you feeling 90 before your time, when you absolutely do not need to!  You should be feeling great and if you know how to meet your needs you can alleviate the pain from your aches and get on with enjoying yourself. We feel achy in our joints because of a lack of lubrication which at menopause tends to dry up over time. This is caused by the fall in oestrogen levels during menopause. It is not just physical changes that have an effect on your aches and pains, a lack of particular nutrients may also contribute to your pain, particularly vitamin D, essential fatty acids and magnesium; these are at short supply during menopause. You are not alone, … Read More

Shape Up For Summer Week 2: The Importance Of Exercise During Menopause

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The Importance Of Exercise During Menopause - Maryon Stewart the importance of exercise during menopause Shape Up For Summer Week 2: The Importance Of Exercise During Menopause 2 862x485

It’s week two of my Summer series and I want to talk to you about the importance of exercise during the menopause. In Winter we don’t always think about exercise or what we look like underneath our clothes, but in the Summer it’s a different story.  We all know it can be hard to find the motivation to exercise, BUT it’s very important to build up fitness for our wellbeing. The good news is there are many different ways you can exercise that doesn’t involve going to the gym or to a class, although they are of course both very good forms of exercise. For example, there are lots of classes on YouTube to follow which mean you can do exercise from your home. Try putting on your favourite music and stretching and dancing so you get your heart rate going. Exercise is very good for you as gets your … Read More

Reclaim your mojo at midlife

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Reclaim your mojo at midlife - Maryon Stewart reclaim your mojo at midlife Reclaim your mojo at midlife reclaim

Rome wasn’t built in a day and, without a magic wand, the often ghastly symptoms that occur at the perimenopause and menopause can’t be alleviated overnight. With a few scientifically based inside tips symptoms can be history within a matter of months though. And that includes everything from hot flushes through to loss of confidence, insomnia, anxiety, aches joints, fatigue and even dry sore vaginal tissues, lost libido and more. The trick is finding workable information and learning how to implement it. Most of us would give our back teeth to reclaim our mojo at midlife. But the truth is that women commonly believe that their confident energetic selves did an ‘exit stage left’ along with their libido as part of the ageing process. Well, I’m here to tell you that’s far from the case. Not only can we annihilate the symptoms that occur at midlife, but we can also … Read More