Menopause – A whole new beginning in life

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Our latest survey on 1100 women shows a staggering 96% are unprepared for menopause and well over two-thirds reporting it came as an almighty shock. Under 12% of them are even bothering to consult their doctor as they are not confident they will get constructive advice that includes anything other than drugs or hormones, and 71% said they have been desperately seeking solutions online. I feel intensely frustrated that women are largely left to their own devices to cope with hormonal issues throughout their lives; and this is particularly true for women approaching midlife and beyond. There is so much workable science published, I truly believe it’s bordering on criminal that women do not receive scientifically based information which will effectively address their multiple menopause symptoms including anything from very scary brain fog, melting hot flushes, seriously disturbed sleep due to nights sweats, aches and pains making them feel 90 … Read More

Wise up at Perimenopause

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This week’s weekly wisdom is all about Perimenopause. ‘Peri’ means around the time of, and perimenopause can begin about five years before the actual menopause. According to our latest survey over two-thirds of women feel completely unprepared for menopause.  They are often completely confused and alarmed by the sudden onset of a variety of symptoms leaving them feeling like a shadow of their former selves and totally clueless. Despite all the changes you may be experiencing, it is important to keep things in perspective. The menopause need not be the end of life as you once knew it, but rather the beginning of a new phase that can be just as exciting and rewarding as your earlier years. Take a look at Fiona’s story, which I think will resonate a lot of women who are going through or approaching perimenopause: Fiona began her perimenopause at 37, but it was misdiagnosed … Read More

Feeling suicidal at midlife?

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Very sadly I routinely encounter women who are feeling suicidal at the time of their menopause.  They are at their wit’s end, past the point of seeing any positive future for themselves.  It breaks my heart to see them suffering needlessly, going without the help that could help them reclaim their wellbeing and put hope back in their hearts. Kate Spade, like so many other women in their fifties, was experiencing depression which has a devastating effect on self- esteem as well as relationships. The fact that such a talented and successful women would be in the mindset to hang herself makes me feel beyond angry when I know so well that women can so often overcome depression within a matter of a few months, without taking drugs or hormones, and get back to having fulfilling loving relationships.  But instead, she was left to suffer, getting to the darkest place … Read More

Is Soy Safe?

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This week I want to talk about the issues surrounding Soy consumption. Every week, dozens of menopausal women ask me about Soya, telling me their doctors informed them to stay away from it. There are many scary stories surrounding eating Soya during menopause, such as the supposed potential risk of breast cancer.  So, read on for a breakdown on the do’s and don’ts of soy. Numerous medical experts as well as the American Institute for Cancer Research and the European Food Safety Authority conclude that published medical research has shown that Soya is safe. In fact, Soya products can have a protective effect. Essentially, post-breast cancer sufferers going through their menopause can absolutely benefit from consuming Soya products. I am also asked about whether it’s safe to consume Soya when you have thyroid problems.   Again, the good news is there is plenty of evidence to show that if you … Read More

Shape Up For Summer Week 5: How To Manage When You’re On Holiday

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Sometimes holidays can often set you back a few steps.   It’s easy to drink more alcohol than usual and eat different foods and not including enough phytoestrogens.  Plus you can forget to take your supplements and exercise often goes out of the window. I would recommend planning ahead, for example, if you are staying in a hotel let them know any dietary requirements you have, or if you are self catering do some research about the local shops to see what is available.  If necessary you can take some of the essential foods. Always make time for yourself to fit in some proper exercise and formal relaxation. Take plenty of the products and supplements you need and try to make sure you continue to take them at the same time every day. Otherwise, you will feel a lot worse and it can be very demoralising when you have made progress but … Read More

Shape Up For Summer Week 4: How To Lose Weight Without Dieting

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In Week 4 of my Shape up for Summer Series, I’m talking about losing weight without dieting. Yes, you heard correctly! I have helped lots of women lose weight without dieting by finding them the right programme to manage the menopause. My programmes are different from other diets which aren’t always very sustainable because after you lose the weight and stop dieting, you then gain weight again because you’ve slipped back into old eating habits. Whereas if you find the right diet for you at this stage of life, it helps normalise your metabolism so you lose and maintain your weight without dieting. All of this is of course a lot easier said than done especially when you are tired, stressed and have cravings. But I would really suggest eating wholesome food little and often, and adding some exercise into your routine to build up your metabolism. Fixing your mineral levels … Read More

Shape Up For Summer Week 3: How To Lift Low Self Esteem

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Today I’m focusing on positive body image.   Sadly, the menopause can cause low self esteem and make you feel it is the beginning of the end. In fact, menopause can be a whole new beginning – if you learn how to meet your needs. However, achieving this can take time so let’s look at what you can do to feel better in the short term. Firstly, research shows positive thinking helps, so I would recommend visioning how you would like to be, how are you at your best and how would you like to be again. You might even like to create a vision board to help you towards feeling really good again. Maintaining your nutrient levels is also really important otherwise it can make the whole picture feel bleaker, but when you get yourself into good nutritional shape you look at yourself with a rose-tinted lens. It is important … Read More

Shape Up For Summer Week 2: The Importance Of Exercise During Menopause

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It’s week two of my Summer series and I want to talk to you about the importance of exercise during the menopause. In Winter we don’t always think about exercise or what we look like underneath our clothes, but in the Summer it’s a different story.  We all know it can be hard to find the motivation to exercise, BUT it’s very important to build up fitness for our wellbeing. The good news is there are many different ways you can exercise that doesn’t involve going to the gym or to a class, although they are of course both very good forms of exercise. For example, there are lots of classes on YouTube to follow which mean you can do exercise from your home. Try putting on your favourite music and stretching and dancing so you get your heart rate going. Exercise is very good for you as gets your … Read More

What’s the best first thing to do when you’re facing menopause?

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What's the best first thing to do when you’re facing menopause? what's the best first thing to do when you’re facing menopause? What’s the best first thing to do when you’re facing menopause? 1 862x485

In my opinion, there’s so much conflicting information available about HRT, hot flushes, night sweats, sleep difficulties, irregular periods, vaginal dryness, fatigue, and everything else related to menopause – and for us women going through it, it can all be a little overwhelming and confusing. There are 5 tried and tested ways to help you manage your menopause better. And these are the things you need to do first! Stay informed about the latest innovations and technology for treating menopause symptoms. Learn tips and tricks on keeping your own symptoms at bay.

Shape Up For Summer Week 1: Dealing With Hot Flushes

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 Welcome to my Weekly Wisdom, I am very excited to be launching my brand new ‘Shape Up For Summer’ series.   Over the next few weeks, I’m going to be discussing everything from exercise to body image and a lot more.   In week one I will be kicking off with hot flushes as this is something that affects many women going through menopause, especially during the Summer. Topping up oestrogen levels is really important and you can do so by eating foods containing naturally occurring oestrogen called phytoestrogens.  These foods help to fool the brain into thinking you have normal circulating oestrogen.  Phytoestrogens are found primarily in foods containing soy.  I also recommend supplements with red clover in them, particularly a standardised one called Promensil. During the perimenopause and menopause, nutritional levels become lower which is what causes hormonal swings. These are unsustainable and the brain chemistry and hormones stop functioning.   Take … Read More