How we feel at midlife

Changing Your Attitude  How we feel at midlife attitude

At midlife we often feel invisible, many of us start to feel unattractive, a feeling not helped by the attitude of many men that we … Read More

Wise up at Perimenopause

Wise up at Perimenopause - Maryon Stewart wise up at perimenopause Wise up at Perimenopause Summer series 1 1200x675

This week’s weekly wisdom is all about Perimenopause. ‘Peri’ means around the time of, and perimenopause can begin about five years before the actual menopause. … Read More

Feeling suicidal at midlife?

Feeling suicidal at midlife? - Maryon Stewart feeling suicidal at midlife? Feeling suicidal at midlife? Am I depressed 1200x675

Very sadly I routinely encounter women who are feeling suicidal at the time of their menopause.  They are at their wit’s end, past the point … Read More

Is Soy Safe?

Is Soy Safe? - Maryon Stewart is soy safe? Is Soy Safe? New Maryon Stewart thumbnails 1200x675

This week I want to talk about the issues surrounding Soy consumption. Every week, dozens of menopausal women ask me about Soya, telling me their … Read More