Aches and Pains

Women often describe themselves as feeling 90 before their time. Stiffness and symptom aching joints are extremely common at the time of the menopause. Women often suffer with aching joints but don't associate it with menopause. Instead, they assume that it's all part of the ageing process. It can be very debilitating and depressing as it robs us of our mobility and flexibility, making us feel like we are past our sell by date.

Lack of oestrogen and other changing hormone levels can result in reduced lubrication between our joints. Low levels of essential nutrients at the time of menopause can also result in creaking bones and aching joints, especially first thing in the morning. Believe it or not between 50 - 80% of women have low vitamin D levels, and this single deficiency alone can cause both fatigue and our joints to ache. There is a significant amount of research that shows that women very often lack a wide range of important nutrients, and these deficiencies get progressively worse as we approach and enter menopause.

The good news is that you don't need to go on suffering with joint aches and pains. According to our Midlife Survey on over 1200 women, those that were consuming a healthy diet and doing some regular exercise had far less aches and pains and much more energy.

Danielle's Story

Danielle approached me for help with her menopause two months before her wedding! Since her hysterectomy she had gained over 40lbs in weight and was suffering with joint aches and pains as well as hot flushes, migraines and insomnia. I worked with her to get her 'fit' for her wedding day and I'm pleased to say we achieved our objective.

"I have known Maryon Stewart for a long time - she helped me earlier in my life with PMS. Now with menopause I turned to her again once I had decided I was going to do something about it. My upcoming wedding was a great incentive. With her encouragement I followed her programme and even joined the gym to which I go three times a week. Within four weeks my hot flushes had stopped, and I was feeling energized and no longer hurting all over.

She is an amazing lady who has turned my life around. I have now trained as a celebrant and looking forward to my new career while enjoying married life." says Danielle.