Symptom Mood Swings - Menopause symptoms - Maryon Stewart

Mood swings are one of the most commonly experienced symptoms of the menopausewith as many as 80%of women in our national surveys admitting to suffering.

Many women find that menopauseis equivalent to sitting on an emotional pendulum; up one minute and down the next. Just as things seem to be going well and you are in good spirits, something happens, and your mood goes crashing to the ground again.

Mood swings affect every woman differently, although there are many consistencies in the symptoms. Most women experience unexplained moods which are continually changing, reactions far stronger than a particular situation merits, irritability and less tolerance or patience than normal.

You may find yourself weeping for no obvious reason, being unable to make up your mind about the smallest things, or panicky at the thought of taking on something that you would normally take in your stride. These are all common feelings and can be curbed by learning how to refuel at this life stage.

I know from the years of helping women with PMS, and from the research we undertook, that low levels of nutrients underly swings in our moods. When we are short of nutrients it affects our brain chemistry and we look at the world through different coloured lenses. When you learn how to get your nutrients back into an optimum range and balance your hormones naturally, you can expect mood swings to disappear.

Anne's Story

When I first met Anne Germany she was plagued with mood swings as well as many other symptoms including migraines, bloating, hot flushes and fatigue. Anne is a single mum with a teenage boy and was struggling with menopause. She had put on weight which was getting her down especially as she included exercise already into her daily routine. Her migraines would last for days and left her completely exhausted.

"I followed Maryon on her website following her advice but then decided to take the plunge and join her online programme. During the six weeks of the programme, I lost over 12 pounds in weight and founds lots of energy. I woke up one weekend and decided to go for a 10 mile hike with my son. He was super excited and got all his things together, wolfed his breakfast down and we were off. Fabulous day, gorgeous photos and I am ready to do more of the same. My 15 year old son turned to me as we sat and had a cold, celebratory drink by the harbour at the end of the walk and said, 'Mum you are amazing' and gave me a hug. I haven't felt so full of energy and positivity for years! We will be off again soon.

This is possible only after I changed my lifestyle and diet and took the supplements Maryon Stewart recommended. I am back to life again vs crawling through the menopause fog!", says Anne.