Symptom Insomnia - Menopause symptoms - Maryon Stewart

Insomnia is a very common symptom of menopause, but may not always be recognised or identified as such. Sleep changes include difficulty getting to sleep or falling asleep quickly, only to spring wide-awake several times a night, or every hour on the hour. Night sweats often cause us to wake many times in the night, and as the night progresses, it becomes harder to return to sleep.

Sleepless nights can fast become the norm, but as good sleep is now recognised as being such an important factor in our wellbeing and longevity, it's important to deal with insomnia before it becomes a bad habit.

Poor sleep can trigger other symptoms, such as depression and irritability. Once you begin to sleep more peacefully you will notice an improvement in your mood as well as your energy levels and mental clarity.

Usual causes of disturbed sleep apart from night sweats include, anxiety or having to get up in the night to go to the bathroom. Low levels of oestrogen can make the lining of our bladder and urethra fragile so that we need to pass water more often.

Stella's Story

Stella recently joined my programme having spent many years suffering from sleeplessness and the resulting stress and anxiety. She was so ill to the point where she ended up in hospital. It took a long time for the doctors to agree that her symptoms were caused by her menopause. However, once she knew what was happening in her body she could find the right help.

"I was constantly tired and unable to sleep which caused me to have very high levels of anxiety. It was scary to feel like this and I was finding it hard to function. Now having my symptoms under control has allowed me to look back at that time and I just don't recognise myself. No one was listening to me when I said I thought it might be menopause including the female consultant I was assigned! I eventually discovered Maryon's work via my own research and from there was helped to overcome my symptoms.

I started following Maryon's advice on her website and things started to improve. After a few months I joined her intensive six week programme and am now feeling unbelievably better.

Maryon Stewart is a lifesaver. She gives you the tools to empower yourself to take charge of your menopause and bring about the changes you want." says Stella.