Shape Up For Summer Week 3: How To Lift Low Self Esteem

By July 5, 2018Blog

Today I’m focusing on positive body image.   Sadly, the menopause can cause low self esteem and make you feel it is the beginning of the end.

In fact, menopause can be a whole new beginning – if you learn how to meet your needs. However, achieving this can take time so let’s look at what you can do to feel better in the short term.

I discuss this topic in more detail in the video below:

Firstly, research shows positive thinking helps, so I would recommend visioning how you would like to be, how are you at your best and how would you like to be again. You might even like to create a vision board to help you towards feeling really good again.

Maintaining your nutrient levels is also really important otherwise it can make the whole picture feel bleaker, but when you get yourself into good nutritional shape you look at yourself with a rose-tinted lens.

It is important to remember that you can feel better than you have ever felt before. A lot of women have a negative attitude about the menopause until they come to my Boot Camp or seek help.

When you become symptom-free it should give you a new lease of life and you can do things you have never done before because you have all of this new energy. So spend some time every day visualising exactly how you would like to be. Hopefully over time that should rub off on to you and have you feeling really good again.

Next week in my Summer Series, we’ll be talking about how to lose weight at midlife. See you then!

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