PMS is still ruining the lives of women and their families all over the world, even though there is no need to suffer as symptoms can be overcome naturally; without having to resort to drugs or hormones.

Premenstrual symptoms are related to low levels of nutrients in the body and our lifestyle.

According to findings of studies undertaken by the Women’s Nutritional Advisory Service, when we learn how to meet our needs and redress the balance in our body, in over ninety percent of cases, symptoms completely disappear.Nevertheless, it is a very real condition and when left untreated can contribute greatly to the break-up of a marriage, feelings of violence and aggression, which are often taken out on small children and partners or deep depression, prior to the onset of a period.

Common PMS symptoms reported are anxiety, irritability, mood swings, nervous tension, depression, crying and confusion but physical symptoms can be just as difficult to cope with. These include breast tenderness, weight gain, craving for sweet foods, abdominal bloating, headache, fatigue and clumsiness.

Conventional treatments with antidepressants and/or hormonal treatment have proven to not be suitable for many women or can be associated with unacceptable side effects. That is why the treatment approach that Maryon has been using for PMS over the last 25 years has centred on dietary change, exercise and the appropriate use of nutritional supplements.

Each of these three approaches is of proven value and ensures to combine them in a way that suits the individual patient results in a high degree of success, and studies undertaken show that up to 95% of women report considerable improvement from following the programme that Maryon and her colleagues pioneered for PMS.