You’re Not Losing Your Mind but Moving Towards Menopause

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Have you started a sentence and can’t remember what you were talking about? Have you walked into a room and forgot why you are there?  … Read More

The Plus Side of Menopause

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The thought of menopause usually brings to mind an array of unwelcome emotions, including fear and symptoms ranging from hot flushes, vaginal dryness, mood swings, … Read More

Menopause and Mental Health

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Menopause and Mental Health

Some common menopause symptoms are often mistaken for mental illness by doctors, family members, and even the women themselves.  During Mental Health Awareness Week in … Read More

Be a better you at Midlife – take control of your menopause

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There is total confusion all over the world. COVID19 continues to touch most of our lives in one way or another and causing uncertainty about … Read More

Can you find your mojo and orgasms again at menopause?

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Can you find your mojo and orgasms again at menopause?

So many changes happen to our bodies at the time of menopause – some are very visible like hot flushes, or flashes as they are … Read More

Perimenopause Bleeding

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Perimenopause Bleeding

Amazingly, baby girls are born with millions of eggs, already preparing for the reproductive years.  From around the age of 35, the number of fertile … Read More