During your five month programme you can expect to significantly improve your health and wellbeing.

After completing my detailed questionnaire and diet diary, we will discuss your medical history, how you are feeling now and set goals for the programme, I will then create a plan to make sure that we set off on your journey to wellness and work closely with you to achieve our agreed objectives every step of the way.

Your programme will include an initial consultation of at least an hour followed by bi-weekly consultations, either by video or telephone. You will be required to keep daily diaries and a symptom chart. Ongoing support is available between consultations and be arranged via email, text or telephone call - whatever is convenient for you.

The underlying cause of many symptoms we commonly experience are nutritional deficiencies. These are often difficult to detect. I therefore sometimes recommend specialist laboratory tests, which includes a full nutritional profile and essential fatty acids at the start of your programme, followed by repeat tests 3 - 4 months later as this gives us adequate time to correct the deficiencies. The nutritional tests are optional.

After five months working with me, my goal is to have your nutrients in an optimum range, your hormones back in balance, your symptoms significantly reduced, if not gone altogether, and for you to be feeling energised, well and happy.