Help! My cravings are out of control

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Help! My cravings are out of control help! my cravings are out of control Help! My cravings are out of control 2 1 862x485

In this Weekly Wisdom, I’m focussing on cravings for chocolate! We’re all familiar with craving the sweet stuff and during menopause, these cravings are likely to increase. You may find that you’re thinking often about eating chocolate and other sweet foods and no matter how resolved you are to avoid them, you still end up bingeing. Craving food, particularly chocolate, is actually very common, and affects approximately three-quarters of all women to some degree, with 60 per cent feeling that chocolate is a problem for them, particularly in their pre-menstrual week or, in what feels like your premenstrual week, as you journey through the perimenopause. It’s also not uncommon to get into a routine of eating in excess of several bars of chocolate each day, sometimes whole packets of fun-size bars, or even a whole box of chocolate all in one sitting. Whilst a little of what you fancy does … Read More

The Real Truth about Menopause

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The Real Truth about Menopause the real truth about menopause The Real Truth about Menopause 10

Feeling like you are losing your memory at midlife can be very scary, especially if women believe it’s a permanent situation. According to the recent survey of over 1100 women ‘Changing the Conversation about Menopause’, 96% of women said they were underprepared for menopause and over 2/3rds said they were shocked by their menopause symptoms, often feeling isolated and afraid of what the future holds for them. We would, therefore, have hoped that the BBC Programme broadcast on BBC last night, the ‘Truth About Menopause’ would provide comprehensive answers.  But Mariella Frostrup, the presenter who claims ‘HRT gave me my life back and opened my eyes’ presented only a fraction of the real truth about menopause, with a biased view on HRT, making it sound almost safe.  It was good that the programme featured ‘natural’ help in the form of diet, exercise, supplements which when used in the right combination can … Read More

Psssst … can you help me with my vaginal dryness

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help me with my vaginal dryness - maryon stewart help me with my vaginal dryness Psssst … can you help me with my vaginal dryness 3 1 862x485

A massive 91% of the women in my new survey feel their relationships are strained by their menopause. For the 76% suffering with vaginal dryness, 64% experience pain on intercourse and 79% are experiencing difficulty having an orgasm. Plus, a whopping 93% said they experienced a loss of libido at this life stage.  Those figures don’t bode well for happy and fulfilled relationships. And, my survey of men found that 82% felt rejected, saddened or bewildered by the change. Other symptoms of vaginal dryness include frequently needing to pee, narrowing or shortness of the vagina, vaginal irritation, painful sex, reduced sex drive, repeated urinary tract infections (UTI). It can be a very difficult, isolating time for many women. In a recent survey 58% of women admitted finding it very difficult to have conversations with their husbands or partner about menopause as they don’t know where to start and are often … Read More

How to correct your nutritional deficiencies

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What are nutritional deficiencies and why do they occur? At the Women’s Nutritional Advisory Service we undertook 5 studies looking at nutrient levels in women, focussing on how they affected our hormone function. We were stunned to find that between 50 – 80% of women had low levels of key nutrients, necessary for both normal brain chemistry and hormone function.  There’s been much more research in the last few years showing that billions of women have nutritional deficiencies so is it any wonder that women are experiencing hormone problems as they make the transition through menopause. Perhaps because we often naturally put the needs of others before our own, many of us don’t make time to eat well or look after ourselves properly. Low levels of important nutrients at midlife could be the underlying cause of many of your debilitating symptoms. Some patients get misdiagnosed with mental illness or dementia … Read More

Achy joints can be a pain

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Achy Joints Can Be A Pain - Maryon Stewart achy joints can be a pain Achy joints can be a pain Summer series 1 862x485

In this Weekly Wisdom I am focusing on achy joints at menopause because so many of you have been asking about it and how you can find relief. These pains can have you feeling 90 before your time, when you absolutely do not need to!  You should be feeling great and if you know how to meet your needs you can alleviate the pain from your aches and get on with enjoying yourself. We feel achy in our joints because of a lack of lubrication which at menopause tends to dry up over time. This is caused by the fall in oestrogen levels during menopause. It is not just physical changes that have an effect on your aches and pains, a lack of particular nutrients may also contribute to your pain, particularly vitamin D, essential fatty acids and magnesium; these are at short supply during menopause. You are not alone, … Read More

Menopause – A whole new beginning in life

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Menopause – A whole new beginning in life - Maryon Stewart menopause – a whole new beginning in life Menopause – A whole new beginning in life Summer series 3 862x485

Our latest survey on 1100 women shows a staggering 96% are unprepared for menopause and well over two-thirds reporting it came as an almighty shock. Under 12% of them are even bothering to consult their doctor as they are not confident they will get constructive advice that includes anything other than drugs or hormones, and 71% said they have been desperately seeking solutions online. I feel intensely frustrated that women are largely left to their own devices to cope with hormonal issues throughout their lives; and this is particularly true for women approaching midlife and beyond. There is so much workable science published, I truly believe it’s bordering on criminal that women do not receive scientifically based information which will effectively address their multiple menopause symptoms including anything from very scary brain fog, melting hot flushes, seriously disturbed sleep due to nights sweats, aches and pains making them feel 90 … Read More

Changing the Conversations on Menopause in World Menopause Month

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Changing the Conversations on Menopause in World Menopause Month - Maryon Stewart changing the conversations on menopause in world menopause month Changing the Conversations on Menopause in World Menopause Month Summer series copy 862x485

Imagine celebrating menopause as an achievement… It can, and should, be the beginning of a whole new satisfying chapter in our life, rather than feeling like the end of life as we knew it.  With accumulated professional and social skills, improving financial stability and increasing amounts of leisure time once children have flown the nest, women should be in celebration mode.  Why is it then that, in Western societies, celebration and menopause are hardly mentioned in the same conversation? When young women see the first sign of menstrual blood, their mothers quietly celebrate their daughter’s arrival to womanhood.  Following the delivery of our new born babies, whole families and close friends share our joy. So, why then aren’t women expecting congratulations when they leave their fertile years behind and the prospect of being respected for their wisdom?  According to the results of my new survey of 1100 women, Changing the … Read More

Menopause Wellbeing Revival

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Menopause Wellbeing Revival - Maryon Stewart menopause wellbeing revival Menopause Wellbeing Revival Summer series 2 862x485

My mission is to end the misery of menopause and help women feel better than they can remember.  I’m completely sick of seeing them suffer needlessly, losing their self-esteem and life as they knew it, because it simply doesn’t need to be that way. Almost every day of my life I hear horror stories about women who are at their wits end when they reach menopause.  I sometimes cry when I hear about individuals who literally curl up in a ball, feeling possessed by an alien, wondering if there is anything left to live for. Amazingly, many women almost resign themselves to an invisible scrap heap, piled high with other women of a certain age.   Yes, we are an ageing population, but menopause doesn’t have to be the beginning of the end.  Published research clearly shows that women can overcome their symptoms and feel better than they remember without … Read More

Wise up at Perimenopause

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Wise up at Perimenopause - Maryon Stewart wise up at perimenopause Wise up at Perimenopause Summer series 1 862x485

This week’s weekly wisdom is all about Perimenopause. ‘Peri’ means around the time of, and perimenopause can begin about five years before the actual menopause. According to our latest survey over two-thirds of women feel completely unprepared for menopause.  They are often completely confused and alarmed by the sudden onset of a variety of symptoms leaving them feeling like a shadow of their former selves and totally clueless. Despite all the changes you may be experiencing, it is important to keep things in perspective. The menopause need not be the end of life as you once knew it, but rather the beginning of a new phase that can be just as exciting and rewarding as your earlier years. Take a look at Fiona’s story, which I think will resonate a lot of women who are going through or approaching perimenopause: Fiona began her perimenopause at 37, but it was misdiagnosed … Read More

Dealing With Mental Illness And Menopause

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Dealing With Mental Illness And Menopause - Maryon Stewart dealing with mental illness and menopause Dealing With Mental Illness And Menopause Summer series 862x485

Dealing With Mental Illness And Menopause. If you’re approaching the menopause or perimenopause, then you might feel scared about the changes occurring in your body.  Brain fog, anxiety, out of the blue mood swings, depression and even panic attacks and palpitations can take you by surprise.  Sleep evades some women, almost completely, and can make you feel like you are going insane.   One of my patients recently said to me “I feel like 60% of my brain has left me.”  Is it any wonder that menopause symptoms so often get misdiagnosed as mental illness? When Stella told me her story I actually cried for she was not only admitted to a mental hospital during her menopause on 4 occasions, she was detained against her will. She was suffering with extreme anxiety as she had been unable to sleep. ‘’I was very scared by my symptoms.  I was completely unable … Read More