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    Julie Whittaker

    Come and join in the conversation. Share your experiences and advice or even just pop in for a chat.


    Julie Whittaker

    How was your weekend?



    Last weekend attended an ultra intensive course on recognising unconscious protections, but also very satisfying and all good at the moment. My metabolism shifted during this course, today it’s a little different because of a late night, eating late also etc etc but hopefully will go back to how it was yesterday. Very early days though!!


    Julie Whittaker

    That’s good news. Keep us updated.



    To be honest, I’d really like to know if there any other members , because from what I have gathered, all the information is now in one place but there doesn’t seem to be much activity whereas there is still activity on the Facebook group, perhaps from women who are new to the group or haven’t discovered the membership site. I’m wondering if this goes against what you had in mind?


    Jill Christie

    Hi, I just received my login details so I’m having a browse around. Great to have a ‘Lets Talk’ area. Really looking forward to using this membership site daily.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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