Keeping your cool for the Holidays – Night Sweats and Hot Flushes

By December 6, 2017Blog
Keeping Your Cool For The Holidays: Night Sweats

It’s cold outside so you’ve put on the winter covers, but although it’s lovely to snuggle into when you first get into bed by the early hours it’s a different story. You wake up at around 3am dripping with sweat and then you find it hard to get back to sleep.

Fight Back Tactics

• Make sure your bedroom is cool at night and keep a fan, wet wipes and a cold drink by your bed.
• Use cotton sheets, pillowcases and nightclothes
• Avoid hot water bottles and electric blankets.
• Say no to spicy foods and alcohol at parties, as both can trigger night sweats.
• Try to relax as much as you can as stress and anxiety, especially around bedtime, are other triggers.
• Keep your summer weight covers on and use a bedspread or blankets that you can throw off when the heat is on.

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