Six-Week Natural Menopause Solution

The Six-Week Natural Menopause Solution is a web-based, guided, instructional programme made of up weekly modules that include live sessions, videos, tips and lessons that reflect the latest science-based diet and lifestyle recommendations.

Module 1 Login's Programme
Section 1 Dashboard
Module 2 Week One
Section 1 Week One Session Video
Section 2 Alleviating your common symptoms
Section 3 Understanding your treatment options: video
Section 4 Week One: Research
Section 5 My Symptoms - Week One
Module 3 Week Two
Section 1 Week Two Session Video
Section 2 Your diet and your hormones
Section 3 Your diet and your hormones: video
Section 4 Week Two: Case Studies
Section 5 My Symptoms - Week Two
Module 4 Week Three
Section 1 Week Three Session Video
Section 2 Why are phytoestrogens “Mother Nature’s” helpers?
Section 3 No more cravings
Section 4 Week Three: Case Studies
Section 5 Week Three: Research
Section 6 Week Three: Research 'Safety of Soya'
Section 7 My Symptoms - Week Three
Module 5 Week Four
Section 1 Week Four Session Video
Section 2 Supplements that work
Section 3 The untold benefits of relaxation
Section 4 The untold benefits of exercise
Section 5 Week Four: Case Studies
Section 6 Week Four: Research
Section 7 My Symptoms - Week Four
Module 6 Week Five
Section 1 Week Five Session Video
Section 2 Feeling wise and positive
Section 3 Feeling Sexy Again
Section 4 Week Five: Case Studies
Section 5 Week Five: Research
Section 6 My Symptoms - Week Five
Module 7 Week Six
Section 1 Week Six Session Video
Section 2 Reclaiming your brain and your memory
Section 3 Week Six: Case Studies
Section 4 Week Six: Research
Section 5 My Symptoms - Week Six