Menopause symptoms affecting women in the workplace

All women experience menopause - often with debilitating symptoms affecting their physical and mental health as well as relationships and performance at work.

HOt Flashes

hot flushes



Brain Fog

brain fog

Mood Swings

mood swings



Aches and Pains

aches and pains

Menopause impact in the workplace

According to Chartered Institute of Personnel Development (CIPD) survey
of women (over 5,000 employees) experiencing menopausal symptoms said they had a negative impact on their work and around half found it difficult to cope with their tasks.

Survey results from 1000+ women3

Overall productivity at work was reduced


Productivity a work reduced for over a week


Percentage of participants who take time off


Difficult to communicate with boss


Difficult to communicate with colleagues


Fear communicating with their manager because it would make them look less capable


Cost to businesses

£ 0
average cost of annual loss of productivity for each female employee going through menopause*

£ 0
average replacement cost to employer of each employee

The real risk to business

Loss of “the fastest growing economically active group” in and for businesses, according to ONS
Women not being able to use their full potential due to lack of support
Loss of talent, knowledge and experience is very real

Benefits for businesses supporting women going through menopause

Before/After Maryon's Programme

Before and After Maryon's Programmes for Business

Before/After Maryon's Programme

Symptoms for women before and after programme

The ROI for businesses

  • Improved productivity

  • Reduced sickness and absenteeism

  • Higher engagement

  • Increased staff retention

  • Continuity of business

  • Improved company culture, diversity and inclusion

  • What’s good for the employees is good for business!

The ROI for employees

  • Feel more supported and valued

  • Career on track

  • Alleviated symptoms with more energy

  • Improved personal and work life

  • Regained confidence

  • Loyalty to employer

  • Motivated at work

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