Reclaiming Your Brain at Menopause

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Reclaim your brain

Feeling like you are losing your memory at midlife can be very scary, especially if you think it’s a permanent situation. Many women secretly wonder … Read More

How to eliminate menopause brain fog

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Brain Fog

How many times have you forgotten where your keys are?  Lost your glasses only to find that they are on top of your head?  Become … Read More

You’re Not Losing Your Mind but Moving Towards Menopause

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Have you started a sentence and can’t remember what you were talking about? Have you walked into a room and forgot why you are there?  … Read More

Be a better you at Midlife: Exercise your way to health

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Exercise your way to health

Imagine if a new drug came on the market offering increased mental alertness, more energy and vitality, the ability to perform daily tasks without getting … Read More

MAKING THE MIDLIFE SWITCH: Overcoming Menopause Symptoms Using the Natural Menopause Approach

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Overcoming Menopause Symptoms Using the Natural Menopause Approach

You are not alone in your menopause journey So many women feel alone and isolated when the dreaded midlife symptoms descend upon them. But that … Read More