Case Studies

I feel 500 per cent better. I feel energetic, I haven't got any of the symptoms and I feel like a completely different person. I feel wonderful actually.

Cheri LunghiMenopause

‘I cannot express how grateful I am to Maryon and her team for the support I have had. I’ve been told that I look great and I certainly feel good. I’ve lost weight, got myself back into shape, my cravings for sweets are gone and I feel like I’m back in control. An added bonus is my libido, which was non existent, has returned completely.

RosannaEarly menopause

I was given a series of recommendations to follow and went about implementing them. My first follow up appointment was 6 weeks later and by then all my severe symptoms had become mild. I had so much energy, I couldn’t believe the difference. Within another 4 weeks I can only describe myself as a different person!

LynnWeaning off HRT

The longer I was on the programme the better I felt. It has been five years now, and I feel wonderful. I’m lively, energetic and those horrendous and unpredictable mood swings have gone completely.