Manage Your Menopause Naturally Book Launch

Book Launch

Thank you for pre-ordering my new book Manage Your Menopause Naturally which will be available in the US on November 10th and in the UK on January 5th. The book is based on my successful program which has beenhelping women to overcome their menopause related symptoms naturally for over 28 years.

Reviews and marketing around the book's publication date are essential, so I am working with my publisher, New World Library, to this special launch team for the book.

Thank you for being a part of the team, and in addition to being among the first people to read the book via the free advance PDF copy my publisher will provide.

As a thank you, I will be inviting you to join me in our private Facebook group where I will be sharing insights and new research as well as inviting you to my book launch party where I will be answering questions live.

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