Changing the Conversations on Menopause in World Menopause Month

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Imagine celebrating menopause as an achievement… It can, and should, be the beginning of a whole new satisfying chapter in our life, rather than feeling like the end of life as we knew it.  With accumulated professional and social skills, improving financial stability and increasing amounts of leisure time once children have flown the nest, women should be in celebration mode.  Why is it then that, in Western societies, celebration and menopause are hardly mentioned in the same conversation? When young women see the first sign of menstrual blood, their mothers quietly celebrate their daughter’s arrival to womanhood.  Following the delivery of our new born babies, whole families and close friends share our joy. So, why then aren’t women expecting congratulations when they leave their fertile years behind and the prospect of being respected for their wisdom?  According to the results of my new survey of 1100 women, Changing the … Read More

Menopause Wellbeing Revival

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My mission is to end the misery of menopause and help women feel better than they can remember.  I’m completely sick of seeing them suffer needlessly, losing their self-esteem and life as they knew it, because it simply doesn’t need to be that way. Almost every day of my life I hear horror stories about women who are at their wits end when they reach menopause.  I sometimes cry when I hear about individuals who literally curl up in a ball, feeling possessed by an alien, wondering if there is anything left to live for. Amazingly, many women almost resign themselves to an invisible scrap heap, piled high with other women of a certain age.   Yes, we are an ageing population, but menopause doesn’t have to be the beginning of the end.  Published research clearly shows that women can overcome their symptoms and feel better than they remember without … Read More

Wise up at Perimenopause

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This week’s weekly wisdom is all about Perimenopause. ‘Peri’ means around the time of, and perimenopause can begin about five years before the actual menopause. According to our latest survey over two-thirds of women feel completely unprepared for menopause.  They are often completely confused and alarmed by the sudden onset of a variety of symptoms leaving them feeling like a shadow of their former selves and totally clueless. Despite all the changes you may be experiencing, it is important to keep things in perspective. The menopause need not be the end of life as you once knew it, but rather the beginning of a new phase that can be just as exciting and rewarding as your earlier years. Take a look at Fiona’s story, which I think will resonate a lot of women who are going through or approaching perimenopause: Fiona began her perimenopause at 37, but it was misdiagnosed … Read More

Dealing With Mental Illness And Menopause

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Dealing With Mental Illness And Menopause - Maryon Stewart dealing with mental illness and menopause Dealing With Mental Illness And Menopause Summer series 862x485

Dealing With Mental Illness And Menopause. If you’re approaching the menopause or perimenopause, then you might feel scared about the changes occurring in your body.  Brain fog, anxiety, out of the blue mood swings, depression and even panic attacks and palpitations can take you by surprise.  Sleep evades some women, almost completely, and can make you feel like you are going insane.   One of my patients recently said to me “I feel like 60% of my brain has left me.”  Is it any wonder that menopause symptoms so often get misdiagnosed as mental illness? When Stella told me her story I actually cried for she was not only admitted to a mental hospital during her menopause on 4 occasions, she was detained against her will. She was suffering with extreme anxiety as she had been unable to sleep. ‘’I was very scared by my symptoms.  I was completely unable … Read More

Dealing with palpitations at the time of menopause

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Dealing with palpitations at the time of menopause - Maryon Stewart dealing with palpitations at the time of menopause Dealing with palpitations at the time of menopause How to deal with panic attacks and palpitations  862x485

First and foremost, you need to understand what’s happening in your body. Research shows that literally billions of women have nutritional deficiencies.  Because of the lack of nutrients, we go into what I call ‘economy mode’ making it very tricky for our brain chemistry to cope normally. Add to that falling levels of oestrogen, and it becomes a challenge too far for our brain.  We begin to feel panic, sometimes as a hot flush comes on, and that can lead to palpitations. Next up: relaxation. It’s definitely easier said than done, but taking a few moments to relax any way you can will help with palpitations. Try out meditation. If you are not much good at relaxing, and sometimes it can be difficult to switch off, I recommend downloading the Pzizz App. Pzizz is a programme, developed by neuroscientists, which takes you into a deeply relaxed state and brings you … Read More

Feeling Moody At Menopause

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During the menopause, we experience many changes, and one of the biggest differences we notice are overwhelming mood swings. According to a recent survey 90% percent of women suffer with mood swings as they go through menopause.  Women who experienced mood swings premenstrually, are likely to feel like they have PMS all the time as they approach menopause.  Mood swings can make us argumentative, depressed and anxious, and they can happen at the drop of a hat. For many, these changes are terrifying, even embarrassing, making us say things we later regret, damaging our relationships. Despite the fact that menopause is a transition, it doesn’t mean this is how life has to be from here on. A lot of women struggle with mood swings during the menopause, but with the right information, come to understand the underlying causes and learn how to overcome the symptoms, making their good mood a … Read More

3 Ways to Reduce Brain Fog

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Do you walk into a room and can’t remember why?  Forever losing your glasses or iPad more times a day than you care to remember?  Then like many other women at menopause you are probably experiencing something called brain fog. Many women secretly wonder if these ‘senior moments’ are the beginning of dementia and are truly frightened. Sometimes, their doctor does too.  I met a woman recently who for 10 years, from the age of 37, believed she had dementia.  Her husband was preparing to say goodbye to the woman he knew and loved. It turned out that her loss of memory, wooly headedness and clarity were actually associated with an early menopause.  And, once she learned to get her body back into balance she restored her mental clarity.  If you forget what you were saying mid-sentence or where you put your car keys you are not alone.  Brain fog … Read More

Feeling suicidal at midlife?

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Very sadly I routinely encounter women who are feeling suicidal at the time of their menopause.  They are at their wit’s end, past the point of seeing any positive future for themselves.  It breaks my heart to see them suffering needlessly, going without the help that could help them reclaim their wellbeing and put hope back in their hearts. Kate Spade, like so many other women in their fifties, was experiencing depression which has a devastating effect on self- esteem as well as relationships. The fact that such a talented and successful women would be in the mindset to hang herself makes me feel beyond angry when I know so well that women can so often overcome depression within a matter of a few months, without taking drugs or hormones, and get back to having fulfilling loving relationships.  But instead, she was left to suffer, getting to the darkest place … Read More

Is Soy Safe?

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This week I want to talk about the issues surrounding Soy consumption. Every week, dozens of menopausal women ask me about Soya, telling me their doctors informed them to stay away from it. There are many scary stories surrounding eating Soya during menopause, such as the supposed potential risk of breast cancer.  So, read on for a breakdown on the do’s and don’ts of soy. Numerous medical experts as well as the American Institute for Cancer Research and the European Food Safety Authority conclude that published medical research has shown that Soya is safe. In fact, Soya products can have a protective effect. Essentially, post-breast cancer sufferers going through their menopause can absolutely benefit from consuming Soya products. I am also asked about whether it’s safe to consume Soya when you have thyroid problems.   Again, the good news is there is plenty of evidence to show that if you … Read More

3 Ways To Overcome Menopause Symptoms

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Women are always asking me what it takes to get through menopause and there’s not a simple pill that can solve everything, because everyone’s symptoms are different. However, there are a few things you can do to help you overcome your menopause, so this week I’m going to talk about my key tips for what it takes to really overcome your menopause symptoms. We know from research that women often have low levels of important nutrients which can be harmful to you when trying to overcome your menopausal symptoms. It’s important that our brain chemistry and hormones receive those vital nutrients to help us function normally so it’s vital to make sure you’re getting the right nutrients.   During the menopause, your ovaries no longer produce estrogen, which results in your oestrogen receptor sites within the cells hunting for more. You need to take in naturally occurring oestrogen into your … Read More