Combat Hair Loss at Menopause

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Hair Loss

Losing or thinning hair around the time of menopause can be beyond distressing.   So many changes are happening to your body, and the last … Read More

You’re Not Losing Your Mind but Moving Towards Menopause

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Have you started a sentence and can’t remember what you were talking about? Have you walked into a room and forgot why you are there?  … Read More

Relaxation and Creative Visualisation

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Relaxation is a critical component in my programme.   This doesn’t mean chilling out in front of the television watching Netflix but setting aside time … Read More

The Plus Side of Menopause

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Woman Smiling

The thought of menopause usually brings to mind an array of unwelcome emotions, including fear and symptoms ranging from hot flushes, vaginal dryness, mood swings, … Read More

Menopause and Mental Health

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Menopause and Mental Health

Some common menopause symptoms are often mistaken for mental illness by doctors, family members, and even the women themselves.  During Mental Health Awareness Week in … Read More

Find Relief for Dry,Itchy Skin at Midlife and Beyond

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Dry Skin

Every woman in menopause knows about the infamous hot flushes. Most are familiar with night sweats. But dry skin at menopause, too? Why does that … Read More

Cognitive Function at Midlife

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Cognitive Function

Lost your keys again? You’re not losing your mind but moving towards menopause Have you walked into a room and forgot why you are there?  … Read More

Confidence and Self Esteem at Midlife

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Confidence and Self Esteem

One hundred years ago, we weren’t living much past fifty, so midlife matters were hardly relevant.  Now that forty-something represents halfway for so many of … Read More