How we feel at midlife

Changing Your Attitude  How we feel at midlife attitude

At midlife we often feel invisible, many of us start to feel unattractive, a feeling not helped by the attitude of many men that we … Read More

Get set to sparkle

Get set to sparkle 1

Tired, fed up and dreading Christmas and all those those parties and get togethers?  Even wondering if you will ever feel like your old self … Read More

World Menopause Day

World Menopause Day 2019  World Menopause Day wmd

For too long, too many women have suffered in silence thinking the menopause is something that has to be endured without support, something that shouldn’t … Read More

No More Suffering with Menopause

No More Suffering With Menopause Danielle's Story no more suffering with menopause No More Suffering with Menopause featured image 1409x792

Our survey on over 1100 women regarding their attitudes about menopause found that 96% of the women did not feel prepared for menopause. Roughly 68% were actually shocked by their menopause. … Read More