A Positive Start to 2023 – Part 1

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Positive Start Part 1

Wouldn't you love to turn back your biological clock at midlife and reclaim your well-being? Menopause shouldn’t feel like the end of life as you knew it. If you learn how to meet your body's needs, and have what I call a ‘midlife refuel’, it can be the beginning of a beautiful new chapter in your life. You might be sceptical right now, but hear me out, as it’s possible to overcome even the most severe menopause symptoms without resorting to drugs or hormones. As a result, you feel better than you can remember while helping protect your future overall health1.

You are not alone. So many women are sick of feeling overwhelmed by their menopause symptoms. My latest survey shows that 96% of women don’t feel prepared for menopause, and over two-thirds feel robbed of life as they knew it. Under 12% of the women are asking their doctor for help with their menopause, and over 71% are desperately searching for help online, which often proves difficult when suffering from brain fog, anxiety and confusion due to lack of sleep. In fairness, it’s not the GPs fault that they only have a very limited number of pharmaceutical options they can offer and are not trained in nutritional medicine. The great news is that natural solutions are compelling.

Science shows clearly that women have choices about how to manage their menopause. And our mission this month is to highlight those choices so that women can overcome their symptoms and return to feeling like their old selves.

Where’s the Road Map to Managing Menopause?

Choosing Your Journey

There is a big fork in the road when you get to menopause - you are either going to go downhill, feeling old before your time, or learning how to manage menopause to feel better than you can remember. Who wouldn’t want to feel symptom-free and in good shape so they can enjoy the bonus years we are blessed with?

Instead of burying your head in the sand, you need to recognise that there are decisions to be made about how you journey through menopause and reclaim your well-being. It’s a mistake to leave it to chance, hoping your symptoms will miraculously disappear. In most cases, things can and will go from bad to worse. For example, women going through menopause have low levels of nutrients, including essential Vitamin D3, which all affect brain chemistry and hormone function. And added to that, you have falling levels of oestrogen, which make it tricky for a woman to stay in the driving seat unless she learns how to meet her body's needs at this life stage.

At the time of perimenopause, women often start to feel strange. Periods become irregular, and they feel tired, ratty and very irritable, like they have PMS every day of the month. And then menopause sets in, and it can feel terrifying as women begin what can only be described as a menopause roller coaster.

Our mission over the next four weeks is to provide information on the tools you can use to overcome your symptoms.

The first thing to do is give yourself permission to be a priority because, as women, we always leave ourselves as last. This month we have a series of virtual classes where you can spend an hour with me. Ask questions, get answers and learn more about what's going on in your body and how to overcome your particular symptoms, for everyone is different.

Some of the things we will talk about are first aid measures which give you a quick hit to see benefits in the short term. Some will take longer, like getting yourself back into good nutritional shape and normalising your hormone function.

We don’t have a magic wand, so it does involve some commitment and work, but together we can get you feeling better than you can remember.

We wish this for you, too and wanted you to know that there is no need to go on suffering.

Come and join me and make it a happy symptom-free New Year.

Say No to Menopause Suffering!

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Are you feeling demotivated?
Have you lost your mojo?
Are you feeling tired and achy or old before your time?
Are you scared because you can't think straight or lose track of what you were saying mid sentence?
Have you put so much weight on and your clothes are tight?

Does this sound like you? Are you ready for a change?