International Women’s Day

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International Women's Day

If men had to manage Menopause, it would have been normalized decades ago! There would be no stigma attached to this time in their lives. There would be no jokes about, “it’s that time of the month” or “he is going through the change – better give them a wide berth”. There is no reason this rite of passage into the next stage of women’s lives shouldn’t be seen as such – a natural stage in life, just like puberty. I want to make sure that this is achieved – today gives us a perfect platform to talk about it!

It's International Women’s Day. I want to celebrate what we have achieved so far in raising awareness about Menopause, but it is only the start of the journey; there is so much more to do.

The word Menopause is now beginning to be used in everyday language and raising awareness with the general public and employers. However, this is not good enough. It’s not enough to be talking about it and maybe implementing a policy about awareness in the workplace. Our surveys show that two-thirds of women feel robbed of life as they knew it, and 84 percent feel that their productivity is adversely affected by their menopause symptoms. According to Forbes, it costs $810 billion globally due to lost productivity associated with Menopause. We need to focus on solutions.

Women and the organizations they work for need to understand well-researched solutions available to them that will have a severe impact on women's wellness and increase the contribution to their bottom line. Solutions that will help them manage their symptoms so they can reclaim their health, continue to be efficient at work without interruption, enjoy their careers as well as their relationships at home.

Research shows as women approach Midlife, they have two issues, low levels of important nutrients and falling oestrogen levels. Both factors contribute to their symptoms in the years as they approach Menopause (perimenopause) and continue post-menopause. Menopause is only one day – the anniversary of their last period. Without resorting to hormones - women can get their bodies into optimum shape by making changes to their diet and lifestyle while taking scientifically-researched supplements to correct the imbalance in the nutrients and oestrogen levels. This solution, which has helped tens of thousands of women to be symptom-free over the last 28 years, transforms their lives, making them feel even better than they can remember. I am looking to further raise awareness about this with organizations to take the lead, support their women employees and retain their very best talent in the workforce.

As I said initially, this would be necessary if Menopause happened to men – so stand with me, and #Beat the Bias on International Women’s Day 2022.

Are you feeling demotivated?
Have you lost your mojo?
Are you feeling tired and achy or old before your time?
Are you scared because you can't think straight or lose track of what you were saying mid sentence?
Have you put so much weight on and your clothes are tight?

Does this sound like you? Are you ready for a change?