Shape up for the Holidays

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Shape up for the Holidays

Imagine if a new drug came onto the market offering increased mental alertness, more energy and vitality, the ability to perform daily tasks without getting breathless or tired, more flexibility, faster reaction times, increased immunity and stronger bones – you would be queuing up to buy it.

Well the good news is that it does exist already. It’s called EXERCISE and it can be yours for little or no cost. You have to put time in to feel the benefits but it’s worth it – believe me.

You don't need to go to the Gym

The good news is there are many different ways you can exercise that doesn’t involve going to the gym or to a class, although they are of course both very good forms of exercise. For example, there are lots of classes on YouTube to follow which mean you can do exercise from your home. Try putting on your favourite music and stretching and dancing so you get your heart rate going.


Exercise is very good for you as it gets your metabolism ticking over faster and burns fat.  Accelerating our metabolism during midlife is important as it burns the fat that accumulates around our middle, which is sometimes hard to shift.

Building Up

If you are not used to exercising then why not begin with five minutes a day for the first week and gradually increase the time you spend exercising over a few weeks. Make sure you do exercise that you really enjoy so you are more likely to stick at it. Often diarising exercise by making it a commitment in your calendar can help you stay on track. Also, find a time that works best for you and make it part of your routine or perhaps find someone who also wants to exercise, so that you can motivate each other and stick to it.

Losing Weight

Whatever exercise you do you should see results within a month or two and notice you are losing weight. You will also start to feel much better in all areas of your life as exercise also improves self-esteem and mood.

Are you feeling demotivated?
Have you lost your mojo?
Are you feeling tired and achy or old before your time?
Are you scared because you can't think straight or lose track of what you were saying mid sentence?
Have you put so much weight on and your clothes are tight?

Does this sound like you? Are you ready for a change?