How To Boost Nutrients During Menopause

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How To Boost Nutrients During Menopause - Maryon Stewart

This post was originally published on 01/02/2018 and updated on 21/09/2020.

This article is focusing on nutritional deficiencies. You might have heard me talk about nutritional deficiencies before and not really understand what that means.

So what are nutritional deficiencies? Nutritional deficiencies happen when your body is getting an inadequate supply of essential nutrients (vitamins and minerals) in your diet.

What has happened to our nutrition levels

I want to explain that very often women who are going through the menopause have got low levels of essential nutrients: the very same nutrients necessary for normal hormone function and to help prevent severe loss of bone density[1].

If you want to have a smooth transition through menopause, you need to get your nutrients back into optimum range. This transition is about eating better food. You need to make sure you're having wholesome food little and often and that you're consuming what I call nutrient-dense food while having some snacks mid-morning and late afternoon.

I'm on a mission to help

You have to remember that you're on a mission to get your brain and the nervous system working correctly. You can do this by having a constant supply of good nutrients going through your body. This change will help get your hormones functioning as normally as possible at this life stage and help prevent future health issues.

I find that on my programme when we get nutrients back into an optimum range, there is a normalising effect on the metabolism. It can improve both mental and physical symptoms of menopause. So it's essential to make sure you're filling up on excellent nutrients, having a wholesome diet and really focusing on looking after yourself. Plus, right now, it's vital to ensure you have an adequate intake of specific nutrients needed to support immunity.

Having more energy

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