5 Tips For Dealing With Vaginal Dryness At Menopause

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5 Tips For Dealing With Vaginal Dryness At Menopause - Maryon Stewart

This post was originally published on 31/01/2019 and updated on 18/09/2020.

Vaginal dryness can affect any woman; however, after the menopause, it is very common, affecting over half of post-menopausal women aged between 51 and 60.

I often get a lot of questions about my tips on how people can deal with vaginal dryness, so here are my top 5 tips on dealing with vaginal dryness at menopause.

Here are my tips below:

1. Make sure you are consuming a wholesome diet
It is essential that you have right nutrients going through to your brain and nervous system and that you are always well-nourished because that helps your brain chemistry to function normally and has a knock-on effect to your hormone system.

2. Consume naturally occurring oestrogen
Help yourself by consuming naturally- occurring oestrogen little and often so your body has a constant supply. I would recommend having something for breakfast like soy milk, flax seeds, edamame beans at lunch or maybe a soy yoghurt in the afternoon with a few more flaxseeds. You can also eat tofu and supplements that contain naturally occurring estrogen.

3. Take supplements that contain Omega 7
Omega 7 is known to help get your vagina back into good shape. You can’t get Omega 7 from food so you’ll need to take supplements, which has shown to help the mucus in the vagina and the elasticity of the walls.

4. Use lubricating gel
For the short term, while you are healing and getting your vagina back into good health, use an excellent water-based gel and an oil-based gel for your partner. You can also use coconut oil which helps with healing inflammation.

5. Use natural creamI have come across two new natural creams Remifemin and Estromineral, that work like the HRT cream.

Overall, it’s essential to take care of yourself whilst you give yourself a chance for these tips to work as it is not an overnight cure and you may need a few months to get your health back.

If you want to know more about why women suffer from vaginal dryness during menopause, you can read this blog post where I explain more about ‘Why We Get Vaginal Dryness At Menopause?’

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