New Year New You – How to Start Your Journey Through Menopause

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This post was originally published on 17/01/2019 and updated on 25/01/2020.

Once you have made the decision to manage your menopause symptoms using the natural approach, the next hurdle is how do you go about doing that. I hear this all the time from members in my Facebook Group - Making the Midlife Switch. The tendency is for women to advise one another, or ask Dr Google, often giving random conflicting advice which isn’t science based, resulting in frustration and desperation with no end in sight.

Not all natural supplements are the same

This week I’m focusing on choosing supplements that are likely to help you overcome your menopause symptoms. Finding the right supplements for your symptom set is key to a successful recovery journey. However, making choices about which supplements to take isn’t as simple as it seems. Research shows that many of the beautifully packaged supplements you see in the stores often do not work as they promise, and in some instances, these supplements are not formulated with the most active forms of nutrients or using herbs and botanical ingredients that are not as pure or in the dosages they claim.

A few years back, I was asked to recommend a product that contained 39 milligrams of isoflavones which is a naturally occurring oestrogen. As I was looking for the research to support it, an independent analysis took place including forty isoflavone rich supplements. The results revealed that only two of the forty supplements contained what they said on the label. And the product I was researching turned out to only contain 1 milligram of isoflavones. At first, I was completely gobsmacked when I read the results. Then I became angry. To think all these women who have good intentions to help themselves, end up being duped by companies producing products that are supposed to help them.

Only use natural supplements that have been through clinical trials to manage your menopause symptoms

That’s why I only recommend supplements and Licensed Herbal Medicines (THRs) that are standardised and science based and where possible have been through properly conducted clinical trials. All my recommendations are based on medical research which I consider to be very important. Think about it, everything you swallow influences what actually goes on in the body. So just as we need to be careful about the side effects of Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT), we also need to be cognizant mindful of supplements and herbs we take.  If you would like to learn more about the products I recommend, visit my shop. Each product contains an explanation on why I have chosen to use that supplement.

Maintain realistic expectations when managing your menopause

Getting through menopause is not about taking a “magic” pill. I can’t emphasize that enough. Just swallowing a pill isn’t going to give you a “quick fix” and make your better. First you must realise that there are many things going on in your body at this stage of life. You must first meet your needs to get back into good nutritional shape.

Getting back into good nutritional shape

I like to describe my programme as a pie with different sections in it. You need to take a taste of each piece to get yourself back into good nutritional shape. If you would like to learn more about my programmes, join my virtual class, you will learn what is going on in your body including the relationship between our diet and hormone health. So many women have nutritional deficiencies at this life stage1 which are important to correct in order to stand a chance of feeling well. Plus I explain how to encourage your brain into thinking you have normal circulating oestrogen by implementing Mother Nature’s naturally occurring oestrogens during menopause and perimenopause. In addition these naturally occurring oestrogens help us future-proof ourselves from dementia, osteoporosis and heart disease in the future.

Finding the science-based information for your journey through menopause

Now that you are taking action, where do you find the right information? For those who want to self-help, you can have a few options. You can just consult ‘Dr Google’, which is notoriously unreliable. Or you can go to my website and read my Weekly Wisdoms, sign up for newsletters or join my private Facebook Group - Making the Midlife Switch.

For those who struggle and need a hands-on, step-by-step approach, my Six-Week Natural Menopause Movement provides you with all the materials to get your symptoms under control and help you to design a tailor made programme to help you to overcome your particular symptoms. Plus you will receive full support from myself, nutritionists and my support team, the weekly live sessions with me reviewing your progress, a private Facebook Group, forums and a tailored programme that meets your individual needs. To learn more about my programme go to

There are many ways you can get help. You will need to decide which approach works best for you, your budget and lifestyle.

The Natural Menopause Recap:

  • Remember to do the research and do not depend on the advice of others.
  • Make sure whatever you do is based on science and not social media.
  • When taking supplements, only use those that have proper clinical trials. You can learn more about the supplements that I recommend by going to my shop .
  • Have realistic expectations - there is no “magic pill” to make your symptoms disappear. You will need to develop an entire programme that focuses on every part of your journey. To learn more, come to my virtual class .
  • Decide what path to take whether it be self-help, managed self-help, or a hands-on approach - make sure that the program features science-based information.
    • For more information on my free offerings, go to or register for my free virtual class.
    • For those really struggling, think about joining my Six-Week Natural Menopause Solution at

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