Menopause Wellbeing Revival

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Menopause Wellbeing Revival

My mission is to end the misery of menopause and help women feel better than they can remember.  I’m completely sick of seeing them suffer needlessly, losing their self-esteem and life as they knew it, because it simply doesn’t need to be that way.

Almost every day of my life I hear horror stories about women who are at their wits end when they reach menopause.  I sometimes cry when I hear about individuals who literally curl up in a ball, feeling possessed by an alien, wondering if there is anything left to live for. Amazingly, many women almost resign themselves to an invisible scrap heap, piled high with other women of a certain age.  

Yes, we are an ageing population, but menopause doesn’t have to be the beginning of the end.  Published research clearly shows that women can overcome their symptoms and feel better than they remember without ever taking drugs or hormones.  So why is it such a well-kept secret? I have been helping women to overcome their symptoms for over 27 years, without using drugs or hormones, and so today, on World Menopause Day, as I am truly tired of seeing women go on suffering, I am taking some radical action.   

It’s not just women in their 50’s that suffer.  Perimenopause, that 5 years leading up to menopause, often takes women in their 40’s completely by surprise; not in a good way.  Many begin feeling anxious, some even have panic attacks and palpitations. Brain fog overwhelms them, robbing them of their memory.  They become unable to sleep, dripping from perspiration, aching from head to toe, with very low energy levels, dried out sore vaginal tissue, zero libido and feeling like they are ninety instead of forty or fifty something.  

They feel isolated and scared even though millions of women are going through the same thing at the very same time.  Many of them find it difficult to talk about it, even to their partner or best friends. They don’t really know what to say or where to begin. There is an overwhelming consensus among them that menopause signals the end of life as they knew it; feeling like they have lost control of their mind and body.

It seems completely unfair to me that women of a certain age are heading for misery unless they are armed with sufficient knowledge to do a U turn.  The information and tools to parachute out of the dark hole and reclaim all things lost, including libido, self-esteem and your waistline, is out there. Doctors and nurses are not armed with sufficient knowledge to advise on anything much other than HRT or antidepressants, neither of which are ideal or optimum for the long-term.  Added to that, conflicting advice and information overload on the World Wide Web often make it incredibly difficult to know where to start, and who to believe.

In the last 20 months, since setting up the Facebook Group Making the Midlife Switch, millions of women have watched my Facebook Live films talking about overcoming symptoms naturally at midlife.  Last summer, due to popular demand, I set up a 6-week virtual Boot Camp to personally help women reclaim their wellbeing.  It’s been hugely successful. The recommendations are based on my successful 5- month programme, pioneered by my team at the Women’s Nutritional Advisory Service.  Over 90% of women are symptom-free after following the programme which involves making diet and lifestyle adjustments and taking researched supplements in the short term.

Knowing that many women don’t have sufficient disposable income to afford the Boot Camp, this summer I developed a 14 Day self-help Menopause Programme at the lower price point of £149, which is helping women help themselves with science-based tools.  But today, on World Menopause Day, as I feel passionately that all women have a right to proper direction at what can be a hugely scary stage in life, I decided to make my 14-day programme available to women at an affordable price of £25. I am determined to help women end their suffering at perimenopause and menopause and reclaim their wellbeing. They deserve to feel well and able to lead productive and joyful lives.  The 14 Day Menopause Programme can be ordered here, use the discount code WMD2018 to get the special discounted price and save £124. I very much look forward to hearing feedback from everyone who undertakes this recovery journey. The success stories continue to be music to my ears and food for my soul.

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