Dealing with palpitations at the time of menopause

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Dealing with palpitations at the time of menopause - Maryon Stewart

If you’ve had a panic attack or palpitations, you will know how scary that can be. And no one warns us that they can be a common part of going through menopause.  They can be incredibly alarming; for example, one of my previous Masterclass attendees has even been admitted to hospital for suspected heart attacks, five times in four weeks, when it was really just palpitations caused by menopause.Palpitations don’t need to be scary, and there are ways you can manage them. That’s why they are the focus of my Weekly Wisdom this week:

First and foremost, you need to understand what’s happening in your body. Research shows that literally billions of women have nutritional deficiencies.  Because of the lack of nutrients, we go into what I call ‘economy mode’ making it very tricky for our brain chemistry to cope normally. Add to that falling levels of oestrogen, and it becomes a challenge too far for our brain.  We begin to feel panic, sometimes as a hot flush comes on, and that can lead to palpitations.

What you can do to help:
Make sure you are eating a diet packed with nutrients. You can download my free nutritional assessment tool to examine what essential nutrients you’re currently lacking. You may also need to stop consuming caffeine, as women are far more sensitive to caffeine (especially at mid-life), and it can cause panic attacks and unwanted palpitations. 

Next up: relaxation. It’s definitely easier said than done, but taking a few moments to relax any way you can will help with palpitations. Try out meditation. If you are not much good at relaxing, and sometimes it can be difficult to switch off, I recommend downloading the Pzizz App. Pzizz is a programme, developed by neuroscientists, which takes you into a deeply relaxed state and brings you out again.  It helps to soothe anxiety and leaves you feeling refreshed and energised. Doing a twenty or thirty-minute session every day should help your panic attacks and palpitations eventually calm down.

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You can take supplements, too. A good multivitamin and mineral will be very beneficial to panic attack and palpitation sufferers as it helps to get nutrients into an optimum range. Valerian based products can make you feel calmer and adaptogenic herbs can help to reduce levels of cortisol, the stress hormone.

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