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This week I want to talk about the issues surrounding Soy consumption. Every week, dozens of menopausal women ask me about Soya, telling me their doctors informed them to stay away from it. There are many scary stories surrounding eating Soya during menopause, such as the supposed potential risk of breast cancer.  So, read on for a breakdown on the do’s and don’ts of soy.

Numerous medical experts as well as the American Institute for Cancer Research and the European Food Safety Authority conclude that published medical research has shown that Soya is safe. In fact, Soya products can have a protective effect. Essentially, post-breast cancer sufferers going through their menopause can absolutely benefit from consuming Soya products.

I am also asked about whether it’s safe to consume Soya when you have thyroid problems.   Again, the good news is there is plenty of evidence to show that if you have thyroid problems, you can also safely consume Soya – however, in the long term, you may have to work with your doctor to adjust your medication. When you see your doctor they will be doing regular check-ups with you, so this can all be monitored and adjusted accordingly.

Overall, in my experience, Soya products help us to overcome menopause symptoms and the added bonus is research confirms that it also helps us to maintain our short and long term memory as well as protecting ourselves from heart disease and the bone-thinning disease osteoporosis after menopause.

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