3 Ways To Overcome Menopause Symptoms

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Women are always asking me what it takes to get through menopause and there’s not a simple pill that can solve everything, because everyone’s symptoms are different. However, there are a few things you can do to help you overcome your menopause, so this week I’m going to talk about my key tips for what it takes to really overcome your menopause symptoms.

  1. Get your body in good nutritional shape

We know from research that women often have low levels of important nutrients which can be harmful to you when trying to overcome your menopausal symptoms. It’s important that our brain chemistry and hormones receive those vital nutrients to help us function normally so it’s vital to make sure you’re getting the right nutrients.  

  1. Increase Your oestrogen level

During the menopause, your ovaries no longer produce estrogen, which results in your oestrogen receptor sites within the cells hunting for more. You need to take in naturally occurring oestrogen into your diet, so that you safely satisfy the need of the receptor sites. They look so similar to the oestrogen you had before that you fool the brain into thinking you have got normal circulating oestrogen again. Consuming naturally occurring oestrogen can also prevent osteoporosis, heart disease and dementia.  

  1. Take supplements that are safe

There are also lots of supplements you can take that have been through clinical trials. But be careful to check that your supplements are safe, so make sure they have been through properly conducted clinical trials.   I would also recommend making sure you are doing exercises and taking time to relax, as this will help with the symptoms of the menopause. If you would like more information and help on how to deal with menopause symptoms, then take a look at my programme, which has transformed the lives of thousands of women. Or if you would just like a little more help, then head to my website where there are lots of resources and where you can always access my Weekly Wisdom posts. I also have boot camps and masterclasses that you can sign up to where I talk about all things menopause.

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