3 First Aid Tips To Help Control Hot Flushes

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Hot flushes are a common part of the menopause and as the weather is incredibly hot at the moment I know that makes it tricky for many women of a certain age. So, in today’s Weekly Wisdom, I’ll be sharing my first aid hints and tips that will help you control your flushes quickly. My programme is a fantastic way to guide you through every step of your menopause, and get symptom free, but it takes time to get the symptoms under control.   Women wish I had a magic wand to control their flushes and night sweats. Sadly I don’t, but I do have some suggestions that you can put into practice and expect to feel relief quickly.

  1. Using a cooling spray: Using a spray such as Promensil, which is ideal to carry around with you on the go, will cool you down when you feel the hot flush coming on.
  1. Wear clothing that helps control your thermostat: Invest in Become underwear that you can wear during the day and at night.  It’s made from intelligent fabric that knows when you are heating up. The fabric can cool you down when you are having a hot flush, absorb perspiration into it’s fine fibres so that you don’t feel sweaty or smelly, and can even warm you up again after your flush.
  2. Use an app that helps you sleep: Pzizz is a wonderful app that can help you regulate your sleep and relax you. Using Pzizz allows you to have control over your sleeping routines and encourages meditation, which can reduce flushes by at least 50 per cent. The Pzizz app helps you reach a very deep state of relaxation, and once you’re done, you’ll feel recharged and ready for the day ahead.

To help you start investing in yourself and reclaiming your well-being and self-esteem, I have some discount codes for the products mentioned above: Promensil Spray:  Use the code KEEPCOOL for 50% off one order until 31 August at promensil.co.uk Become clothing: Use the code Become10 for 10% off Become clothing at webecome.co.uk. Pzizz: Use the code BestPzizz for 80% off the premium Pzizz app at pzizz.com If you would like more information and help on how to deal with menopausal symptoms and hot flushes, then come to one of my masterclasses. I’ve helped turn around the lives of thousands of women for more than 27 years, so visit my website for more information. Elsewhere on my site, you can find lots of additional support to help guide you while going through the menopause.

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