Overcoming Constipation At The Time Of The Menopause

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Overcoming Constipation At The Time Of The Menopause

Overcoming Constipation At The Time Of The Menopause. Today’s post talks about one of those awkward moments that almost 50% of women experience when going through their menopause. Constipation, something that’s embarrassing but crucial to talk about, is this week’s topic of discussion for my ‘Weekly Wisdom’.

Why do we suffer from constipation at the time of the menopause?

Having a healthy gut is very important in order to help the body work well and stay healthy. The gut is made up of smooth muscle and those muscles are supposed to relax and contract. Those muscles send motions from your mouth, right down your body to your tail, and should propel the motions though. But if your gut is not healthy and you do not have enough magnesium and other good nutrients in your body, then the muscles stop working and go into spasm and everything gets compacted. This is when we get constipation. Here are some tips on how to overcome constipation at the time of the menopause:

Taking Magnesium Supplements

The most common nutritional deficiency amongst women is a lack of magnesium in the body. Taking Magnesium is important as it helps the muscle work normally. Magnesium also has lots of benefits for hormone health. Take magnesium in safe quantities, because too much can cause diarrhoea.

Take Flaxseed

Flaxseed is also a great help and bulks up the motion and makes the motion really smooth and regular. But bear in mind if you still have your period, then you will have different requirements for different times during your cycle, as women tend to get constipated premenstrually. So even women who are going through perimenopause find their bowel habits change but then all change again when they have a period.

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