Why Do We Get Vaginal Dryness At Menopause?

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Why Do We Get Vaginal Dryness At Menopause? - Maryon Stewart

In this week’s Weekly Wisdom I want to talk about a very personal subject that many often shy away from talking about and that’s vaginal dryness.

50% women experience vaginal dryness

I want to bring the discussion of this topic out in the open as so many women suffer from this symptom at the time of the menopause. In fact, according to surveys on 12,000 women, more than half experienced vaginal dryness. Some of them suffer so severely that they cannot even sit down or think about having a physical relationship.

Firstly you need to understand why all your tissues are drying out and that it is not a permanent situation.  

Oestrogen levels

In your younger days, you had lots of circulating oestrogen. All those eggs that were hoping to be fertilized made sure your oestrogen levels were buoyant. But when you get to menopause your oestrogen levels are fallen and your ovaries have pretty much packed up so they do not provide your body with what they used to.

Because of the falling levels oestrogen, cells responsible for creating mucus and lubrication, the elastic tissues and the lining of the vagina go out of production - causing the dryness.

Overcoming vaginal dryness

It is possible to overcome these symptoms by eating naturally occurring oestrogen in your diet, such as soya, and taking the right supplements like Omega 7.
I hope you found this helpful in understanding more about what your body is going through and why?

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