5 Ways To Support Your Woman During Menopause

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5 Ways To Support Your Woman During Menopause - Maryon Stewart

This week on the blog I want to address the men in your life again.

We all know menopause. It's a very confusing time for women because many of them are lacking sleep thanks to night sweats keeping them up in the night and they're feeling troubled because they may be panicking, having palpitations and hot flushes during the day.

Menopause is a big challenge for women, and rather than you alienating yourself from them, you need to jump in with both feet so that you can support them and get through this together.

Here’s how to do it

1. Communicate with her

Let your partner know that you support her, that you're in this together and that you understand she's going through a transition and that you are there for her to lean on.

2. Nourish her

Menopause and weight gain tend to go hand in hand, thanks to a combination of factors including decreased estrogen, slower metabolism, and lifestyle factors like poor diet and lack of exercise, so eating a healthy, balanced diet and losing any excess weight can help ease some of the symptoms of the menopause.  To help out you can stock up of some of her favourite nutritious food, or prepare her dinner.

3. Be entertaining

You can dress for dinner or do something that's going to make her laugh out loud and just take her out of the place she is at the moment with all these fears and symptoms. The key is reminding her that life is still fun.

4. Nuture her

Buy her a bunch of flowers or get her something that you know she's going to like. Do the things that she enjoys and maybe send her off for a day at a spa with one of her friends. Give her a massage, maybe put on some lovely music and just reassure her that you're going to get through this together.  She's going to be so happy that you're loving towards her and that you're making it safe for her to be going through this transition and she doesn't feel alone.

5.  Cater to her needs in the bedroom

In the bedroom, just be low key about it. Know that she's got some issues, so she's been having trouble getting lubricated, some gentle foreplay and some elongated foreplay might help and if penetration is painful, then think of some other things. Maybe some oral sex instead, while she's dealing with the vaginal dryness. Just don't make it intimidating for her. Making it loving and show her you care and you will get so much back in return.
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