Top Tips for the Holidays – The Importance of Exercise

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Top Tips for the Holidays - The Importance of Exercise - Maryon Stewar

How to Stay in Shape During the Holidays

Top Tips for the Holidays - The Importance of Exercise. Routines are disrupted, you might not be at home or have a houseful of guests, and no access to your usual gym.  But don’t despair planning is key.

    • Go for long walks with family and friends so that they don’t feel neglected.
    • Dance around the kitchen while you are preparing food or clearing up.
    • Do housework to your favourite music and put some real effort into it.
    • Do your yoga stretches before you go to bed
    • Walk around while talking to friends on the phone or during the ad breaks on TV
  • Always use the stairs rather than the lift or elevator.
  • Leave your car behind so that you walk whenever you can.
  • Ditch the remote control so that you have an excuse to get up.
  • When hanging out with friends turn up the music and dance. If will make you laugh which is great for your health and burn up calories so that you can consume more of the food you enjoy without expanding your waistline.

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